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PapaNasty’s Combat Systems

Below you will find the Combat Systems Guide for Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest written by PapaNasty, if you have any questions hop into the RTSMobile Discord today <3 In Chaos & Conquest the combat reports are only a summary of what happened in the battle, and the finer details of co...Read More

PapaNasty’s Champion Specializations

With your champion points, there are a variety of different specialization paths you can take, often referred to as: Ritual / Construction / Gather Spec – This is a spec designed primarily to reduce your construction and ritual timers, you should be able to spec into it from around level 30. Additional points are...Read More

PapaNasty’s Vanquish Build

Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest Below is how I’ve specced for vanquishing foes, and I believe it’s one of the most efficient specializations for the amount of points which I have. If you don’t have as many points available as I do (My champion is level 43), then I’d recommend prioritizing the fo...Read More

Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest, Troop Base Ratios when DEFENDING against T4

What’s going on ladies and gents, thanks for joining me back for a quick analysis of the Troop Base Ratios when Defending. This post is specifically about defending against Tier 4, and has been calculated using Flesh Hounds of Khorne as the “attackers” So what does that mean, “Troop base Ratios&...Read More

Warhammer C&C – Troop Statistics and Battle Mechanics

(This guide covers Attack Chance, Morale, Armor mechanics and Strategy) Attack chance The percent out of 100% that every troop will attack and land a hit.(in this game even though battles are instantly done behind the scenes there are battle steps that rely on percent and dice rolls.) Try to maximize this stat as much ...Read More

Warhammer C&C – Enemy Troop Power and Anti-Scout Strategies

(This guide is an intro to key strategic plays used up to keep lvl 22, and is part 1 of the ComebackKing Beginner’s Guide) Warhammer Chaos & Conquest, how to determine Enemy troop power calculations and Scouting strategies Stop scouting forts in order to determine troop and defense count! Scouting forts gives...Read More