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TROUBLEMAKER obliterating K806 and popping P6 Castle!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy this Baller Clash of Kings video brought to you by Troublemaker! Watch as he annihilates a P5 from kingdom 806 with superb te...Read More

VIP Points, SVIP Points, Benefits and Bonuses

Hey everyone, tonight we are going to give you a quick look into the basics for VIP Points, SVIP Points, their benefits and bonuses. Take a minute a watch this ...Read More

Clash of Kings The West – Base Building Tutorial Video!

Hi everyone, check out ODonnell’s new video showing you the basics of playing Clash of Kings The West.  If you are a new player to Clash of Kings The West...Read More

Troop Philosophy Castle 30 P5 Troops

Hi everyone! In this post we will be discussing Troop Philosophy for Castle 30 P5 and higher. This is different from the troop philosophy for Castle 30 P4 and b...Read More

US World Cup Opening Ceremony – Clash of Kings Dragon Campaign!

Hi everyone, welcome back to RTS Mobile! Yesterday on September 16th, 2017 was given the privilege to be the Official Co-Announcer of the US World...Read More

Alliance Positions and Ranks!

POSITIONS: There are 4 major Alliance positions that can be appointed in Clash of Kings or Clash of Kings The West. All 4 of these positions are extremely impor...Read More