Hi there and welcome to the RTS Mobile Affiliate Program. If you’ve reached this point, you are probably interested in bringing your friends to this great new community we are building.

Here at RTS Mobile, we believe you should be rewarded for introducing your friends. Our reward system is simple and hopefully you will grow to appreciate its benefits.

  1. You get $1.00 every Month for every friend who signs up for the Founding Membership using your unique affiliate link.
  2. This $1.00 per friend will be distributed using Paypal, so make sure your Paypal account is set up. You will enter your Paypal Email Address in the Affiliate Account Settings.
  3. This is not a requirement, but we will roll out additional rewards for Affiliates who are Founding Members themselves, so feel free to sign up 🙂
  4. That’s it
  5. Really
  6. Boom

If you have 777 friends who have signed up for the Founding Membership using your affiliate link, you will get……. $777.00 every single month.

To avoid any naughtiness, if your friends unsubscribe from their Founding Memberships, you will no longer receive a dollar for them. There are no other requirements, no “catches,” no fine print.

Become an Affiliate Member Today.