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Alliance Science and Donation

Alliance Guide

Special Thanks to MySport, COKTW K8, for giving us the Alliance Guide!

  • Alliance Sciences and Donation

    • Alliance science is located in the alliance menu which is in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  Contributing resources and gold give stat increases benefitting the entire alliance.
    • Donations- Donations given to alliance sciences will earn lords alliance honor and alliance score that can be exchanged for items in the Alliance Store.  
    • Research tiers- Five tiers in the Alliance Sciences are different categories to research including 1) Alliance development 2) combat 3) Resources collection 4) Castle developement and 5) Team combat.  Completing a certain number of sciences will open the next tier.  
    • Priorities and Strategy-  Early in kingdom development, the focus should be on Alliance development specifically Grand Alliance, Troop Expansion and Colossal Legion.  Establishing an alliance as a major player in the kingdom will increase its chances of succeeding.  Once the game has progressed, focus on Combat research.  
    • Alliance store- Alliance store is where members can exchange alliance honor gained through donations for items such as speed ups, buffs, and items of war.  R4’s can add items to the alliance store using Alliance Score.
    • Alliance Help- Creating the embassy allows other alliance members to decrease the time it takes to build and research within your castle.  Upgrading your embassy level increases the number of help times and the time reduced by help.

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