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Alliance Guide

Alliance Tips

Alliance Tips
  • Alliance tips

    • Joining an alliance as soon as possible will give benefits early and help your castle develope.  
    • A good alliance will have a minimum number of donations per week.  Donation rankings can be found in the manage alliance menu.  
    • View the alliance info in the manage alliance menu to see a list of allies and enemies.  
    • Increasing your rank (R1-R5) will open additional benefits including being able to see castle locations in the kingdom map and who is online, being able to place alliance buildings, and promoting and demoting other members.  
    • Alliances will be essential later on once wars and the Battle for the Throne begin.  Developing and building an alliance early on will have large rewards later.
    • The benefits of alliance science and donations should not be overlooked.
    • Periodically other events and promotions for alliances will be added.  
    • Clicking on another alliance members castle will give you the option of reinforcing their castle, or sending resource help.  

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Special Thanks to MySport, COKTW K8, for giving us the Alliance Guide! 

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  1. Clicking on another alliance *members castle will give you the option of reinforcing their *castle, or sending resource help.- *member’s
    *castle or


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