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Attack Resource Tile Plots and Attack Monsters

Attack Resource Tiles and Attack Monsters

Attack Resource Tiles and Attack Monsters

Attacking Resource Tiles, Attacking Monsters in Clash of Kings and Clash of Kings The West is simple, as long as you follow these basic strategies. 

Attack Resource Tile Plots Key Points:

  • 1. The Strategy here is to remember that your Ranged Cavalry gain bonus damage against Resource Tile Battles. Send large amounts of Ranged Horses and both Shield and Pike Infantry.
  • 2. During a Resource Tile Battle, your troops are WOUNDED and not killed. However, if your Hospitals do not have enough room for your wounded troops, the wounded troops will begin to die.
  • 3. When you begin marching towards an enemy resource tile, or a resource tile that someone is marching towards, they will be notified immediately. Make sure you attack resource tiles of people who are not online, or use Speed Ups (In game item) to make your troops march faster.
  • 4. You can use the typical formations that we have suggested in the previous section for Attacking Solo, but always make sure you are sending ranged cavalry.

Attacking Monsters Key Points:

  • Monster Battles require an extremely balanced troop formation. If you send a formation that does not have enough defense, or that has too much of one damage type, you will lose against a monster that is equal to your castle level.
  • One of the important things to remember is that your Troop Tier will determine the maximum Monster level you can kill. When I was castle 22, I could only kill Monster level 24 because I only had access to Tier 8 troops. When I was castle 26, I could only kill Monster level 29, because I had Tier 9 troops.
  • Troop Defense is very important for killing monsters! Make sure your infantry defense is maximized! If you have a March Size Increase item activated, you will probably be able to kill monsters 1 additional level higher than without it.

You can find the Combat Formation in the previous Solo Attacking an Equal Castle without Lord Level 38 Skill section, or come join us in the Forums and we will customize your formation for your needs for Attacking Resource Tiles, Attacking Monsters!

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