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Attack vs Armor bonus stats – Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest

Attack vs Armor bonus stats – Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest

What’s going on Ladies and Gents, Randy here with a guide on Attack vs Armor stat for Warhammer Chaos and Conquest!

Let’s get right into it, I’ll start by posting a few thumbnails from attacking a level 8 Empire Armies and then discussing and comparing the attacks and stat builds.

You should see 4 images above, A, B, C and D. They have these respective stat bonuses:

  • Attack A:
    • DEATHS: 710
    • Armor Bonus 131%
    • Attack Bonus 74%
    • Damage Bonus 49%
  • Attack B:
    • DEATHS: 750
    • Armor Bonus 74%
    • Attack Bonus 105%
    • Damage Bonus 49%
  • Attack C:
    • DEATHS: 974
    • Armor Bonus 174%
    • Attack Bonus 32%
    • Damage Bonus 49%
  • Attack D:
    • DEATHS: 821
    • Armor Bonus 85%
    • Attack Bonus 89%
    • Damage Bonus 49%
  1. Attack A was the strongest strike overall and resulted in only 710 deaths.
    1. Attack A featured a strong balance of Attack and Armor bonuses, however it prioritized the Armor bonus slightly over Attack Bonus
  2. Attack B was the second most effective strike with 750 deaths.
    1. Attack B featured a strong balance of Attack and Armor bonuses, prioritizing the Attack slightly above the Armor
  3. Attack C was the weakest strike overall and resulted in 974 deaths.
    1. Attack C prioritized Armor stat above all, with almost no bonus to Attack, beyond the 25% from War Item Buffs.
  4. Attack D was the third most effective strike, with deaths of 821.
    1. Attack D had an almost dead-even balance of Attack vs Armor bonus stats.


From the above attacks and statistics we know the following:

  1. Well Balanced attacks are key, if you make a strike and ignore either Armor or Attack bonuses, you will suffer
  2. For tier 3 units, Attack Stat (Accuracy of an Attack) is not as strong as Armor Stat (Direct Points of Damage Reduction per attack received on any unit)
  3. Without a strong attack stat, you will not deal enough damage in the first waves of the attack, and so you will take additional damage, which will result in additional deaths even with massive armor bonus
  4. Units with higher attack stats (15 vs 22 vs 30 vs 37, etc) will have more accuracy and will scale better with Attack Statistic bonuses
  5. Units with higher armor stats will have more damage reduction and will scale better with Armor Statistic bonuses
  6. The benefits from Armor and Attack are close enough that if you send units with higher base armor, focus on your Armor Bonus stat. If you send units with higher base attack points, focus on your Attack stat, but maintain a good balance overall.

Thanks for reading, come join us in the forums at or hit that Join Discord button to your right!

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