New Hero Garrison Bonuses Video Guide – by TROUBLEMAKER

Clash of Kings - New Hero Garrison Bonuses!

Heroes Guide by TROUBLEMAKER – for Clash of Kings

Hi everyone, TROUBLEMAKER has done another great video guide for the Heroes in Clash of Kings original. This is different than in Clash of Kings: The West, so please take a view! If you have any questions come join us in the VIP Forum and we will answer as soon as possible, thanks everyone!  

Full Video Guide for Dragons (Skills & Uses) by TROUBLEMAKER

Hey everyone, TROUBLEMAKER has provided this fantastic video guide for your Dragons in Clash of Kings. Your Dragon is one of your key combat units. If you want to be an effective player, knowing your Dragon fundamentals is a MUST! If you have any further questions, come join us in the forums and we will address them as soon as possible! Enjoy the show!