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Best Secret to POWER LEVEL Your Champion in Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest!

Warhammer C&C - Base Building and Alliances

What’s up ladies and gentlemen! Randy here from, excited to bring you a new guide for a brand new base builder game, Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest (Warhammer C&C for short). In this guide we go over the basics, as well as reveal a SECRET WEAPON for MASSIVELY POWER LEVELING YOUR CHAMPION!

Let’s jump right into it! Your Champion is super baller and can provide you with tons of useful bonuses that you absolutely can not ignore.

Some of the most important bonuses for early game that you can achieve by Champion Level 20

  • 28% Troop Training Speed Bonus 
  • 40% Construction Speed Bonus
  • 40% Ritual Speed Bonus
  • 42% Resource Generation Bonus
  • 6 Increased Stamina Recovery per minute
  • 15-30% Increased Champion Damage vs Armies and Foes (World monsters, not players)
  • 7.5% Reduced stamina cost for attacking Armies and Foes (World monsters, not players)

Check out our separate guide post showing you all of the Champion bonuses as well as other useful Champion information, by clicking HERE!

Now that you know the basic bonuses that you are shooting for early game, you know why it is so important to power level your champion to level 20-25 range as fast as possible. If you decide to ignore your champion, other players may be building their buildings 40% faster, training troops 28% faster, researching science rituals 40% faster, etc. etc. etc., you get the picture!

The best methods for leveling your Champion in Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest

  • Level up your Chaos Warshrine Building
    • Level 1 – 3% Bonus Exp for your Champion
    • Level 5 – 15% Bonus Exp for your Champion
    • Level 10 – 30% Bonus Exp for your Champion
  • Actively attack Foes (requires stamina)
    • Level 1 Foe kill = 6,000-9,000 exp, plus bonus rewards for last hit
    • Level 3 Foe kill = 15,000-20,000 exp, plus bonus rewards for last hit
    • Ritual Research at your Sorcerer’s Citadel

Game-over strategy for power leveling your champ

If you noticed that some of the champion skills give you a bonus to Construction speed and Ritual speed, and also noticed that you need building construction and rituals to level your champion faster, then you noticed an exponential curve for experience gain for your Champion.

The get the most gains, follow these steps:

Arcane Knowledge Ritual for Champion Experience Gain

  1. Put all of your champion skill tree points gearing towards Construction first, and the Ritual Speed as you keep leveling up
  2. Constantly attack Foes when your stamina bar is full, and try to get the killing hit for the bonus rewards
  3. Get your Keep building leveled up to 8 or so, as fast as humanly possible
  4. Get your Chaos Warshrine building leveled up to 8 ASAP
  5. Get your Sorcerer’s Citadel building leveled up to 8 ASAP
  6. Familiarize yourself with the following ritual trees and start banging out the ritual research! 
  7. In your review, you will see many of the research rituals in these 4 trees give a HUGE amount of experience, in a short amount of ritual research time.
  8. Ignore the other ritual trees for now until your champion is level 20-25, they are not important until later in the game when you actually start fighting with good troops and strong warlords.

That’s it guys and gals. The goal is to build a platform to get bonus exp from rituals, and then boom-boom-boom knock out high experience rituals and power level your champion.

If you liked this guide please share with your friends, and come join us in the forums by clicking HERE, or join in our RTSMobile discord at this link: 

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  1. The game looked good in your video earlier, I might check it out


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