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Clash of Kings – Civilization Fortress

Base Building and Alliances

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, the Civilization fortresses were just recently launched for Clash of Kings COK. I want to cover the basics and talk about the best strategy moving forward with these!

If you have not read the in-game mail, the basics are as follows:

  • You unlock the fortress at level 10
  • The fortress position will vary depending on your civilization, but it will be located near the material workshop
  • You build the civilization fortress as a building similar to a lumber mill or farm within your castle at the fixed location.
  • You will then build an out-of-base fortress adjacent to your castle. This will be very similar to an Alliance Tower, it will require a physical location.
    • Also like an alliance  tower, you can garrison and reinforce your tower. Your troops would be wounded until hospitals are full and enemy attacking troops will be killed.
  • You can attack other player’s Civilization Fortress to steal the civilization crystals stored there. Other players can also attack yours.
  • You have a daily limit for plundering civilization fortresses, which will be increased as you upgrade the fortress within your base.
  • You can only empty your own fortress every 6 hours, so enemies will have 6 hours to drain your crystals before you can gather them.

Some of the benefits of being able to plunder enemy fortresses is that you can essentially farm this resource which is instrumental to upgrading your civilization sciences. You can do this be attacking enemy players and by creating civilization fortresses for 3 or 4 of your farm accounts.

One of the downfalls will be the physical location on the map requires 4 squares, the same as a castle or an alliance tower. Because of the enormous size, hives will now literally double or triple in size as players start building their fortresses.

Check out our attached video for more information, and come visit us on the forums by clicking HERE!

Thanks everyone <3

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  1. I can’t wait to start plundering crystals. lol

  2. What is the civilization relic and how do I use it


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