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Clash of Kings – How to Master your Dragons with SaVaGe K !


Become the Dragon Master in Clash of Kings – COK


The Basics

From the beginning, we are starting out using Black Dragon as guardian, Blue Dragon as main attack dragon, and then really focusing on leveling up the Red Dragon to the maximum. Once our Red Dragon reaches level 35, we are then switching the Red Dragon to the guardian position.  Our Blue Dragon remains our primary attack marching dragon and our Black Dragon becomes the secondary attack marching dragon. Civilization dragons will be included in another advanced dragon guide.

Dragon Leveling:

Use resource to increase dragon experience. Save your gold.

Magic stones by clearing the ancient dragon tower daily, dragon travel, the traveling merchant, and the docks.

From level 25 to 35 you will need 300 Gold Magic Stones approximately.

256 Green stones to make 1 Gold stones.

By clearing the dragon tower, and really staying on top of the rewards at the docks and traveling merchant you might be able to get about 3 Gold stones in one week.

At that rate, it would take 25 months to get the 300 Gold stones needed to upgrade to level 35

Magic stones can of course be found in packs.

1 Large Magic stone pack = 2,500 Green stones (which equates to 10 Gold stones). would need 30 Large magic stone packs = 300 Gold stones to reach level 35

You’ll need a lot of resource also for the experience. About 100m wood or food for each level above 35.

Dragon Skill Leveling:

Most skills give you 40 points exp

Dragon Flame – Arcane Tomes give 80 points.


25,200 exp to fully upgrade a blue skill

38,700 exp to fully upgrade a purple skill


One large pack contains approximately 200 Arcane Tomes (16,000 exp)

It is 102,600 exp to upgrade the 3 most important skills (The Leader, Dragon Guardian – Infantry and Archer Defense) you will need 6.5 large packs. So, you can assume 6 skills is approximately 12 packs.

To fully upgrade the blue or red dragon to 35 with 6 fully upgraded skills, one would need about 42 large packs.


Dragon Talents:

A new talent is unlocked at levels 10, 15, 20, 25, and 35.

A dragon crystal is worth 2 exp points


Skill Selection:

Max march size, Archer attack, Infantry Defense, and Archer Defense are the most important skill affects you want to prioritize.


Core skill that you to get first and develop to level 10:

The Leader – Increases March Size (Gained from Orange Chest)

Dragon Guardian – Infantry Defense (Gained from Orange Chest)

Dragon Guardian – Archer Defense (Gained from Purple Chest)

Dragon Guardian – Siege Engine (Gained from Purple Chest)

Inspiring Blessing – Training Speed (Gained from Purple Chest)

War Command – Siege Engine (Black Dragon’s Original Skill)

Dragon’s Prison – Reduce Enemy Archer Attack (Red Dragon’s Original Skill)

Skills for specific


Advanced skills to develop to level 10 (Develop all core skills above first):

Conquer the land – Siege Engine Attack (Black Dragon’s Original Skill)

Sanguineous Fever – Attack while Defending (Red Dragon’s Original Skill)

Sanctuary Blessing – Defense while Defending (Red Dragon’s Original Skill)


Black DragonThis is of course our Guardian Dragon until we get a level 35 Red Dragon. Upgrade. We are not focused on upgrading this Dragon until the Red reaches level 35 and Blue reaches level 30. Then skills we are going to focus on for Black Dragon will be:

The Leader – Increasing March Size

Dragon Guardian – Infantry Defense Increase

Dragon Guardian – Archer Defense Increase

War Command – Siege Engine Attack Increase

Conquer the Land another Siege Attack Increase is black dragons level 30 skill and we cannot change the level 30 skills… but it does pair well with the war command. Especially if you duel with siege.


Blue Dragon Before unlocking the Red Dragon, Set Blue Dragon in March Formation with only 1 Skill: Inspiring Blessing. This increase your training percentages.

After unlocking and upgrading Red Dragon to level 35 and upgrading its key skills… then we would upgrade the Blue Dragon to level 35.

The Blue Dragon skills that it starts with are mostly Calvary buffs. My recommendation would be to tailor this to your fighting style. I would refer you to the battle specific skill groups below. But, just remember here that Infantry and Archers are the key troops in the current game meta. So, I would still recommend skills with march size, infantry defense, and archer attack buffs. Do not change the level 35 skill though. Dragons Eye reduces enemy archer defense. If you are in love with Calvary and out there rocking the Viking civilization with the Calvary buff and the enemy archer debuffs, you might look at doing the same here with the blue dragon.

Red DragonOnce unlocked focus on upgrading Red Dragon to Lv. 35 before any other Dragon. Before Lv. 35, you could set Red Dragon in the March Formations also along with the Blue Dragon. When you reach to Lv. 35, set the 5 Skills of Red Dragon as:

The Leader – March size increase

Dragon Guardian – Infantry defense increase

Dragon Guardian – Archer defense increase

Dragon Guardian – Siege Engine defense increase

Dragon’s Prison – Reduces enemy archer attack. This one is the Red Dragon’s level 35 skill already, so it is already in place and just needs unlocked.


As we talked before the best scenario is setting Lv. 35 Red Dragon as Guarding Dragon, and set Lv. 30 Blue Dragon to March. This is should be your first goal

Specific Battle Skills:

Now, if getting lots of resource is not a problem for you and you are willing to push it a little further… you can start upgrading some other skills for specific battles. So, this is advanced skill setting



For Attack:

The Leader – March Increase

Dragon Guardian – Infantry Defense

Conquer the land – Siege Engine Attack

War Command – Siege Engine Attack

Precise Shot Archer Attack

Fearless charge – Calvary Attack

Fierce Thrust – Calvary Attack

Attack Boost – Small percentage attack increase to all troops, but I have always seen better results with the skills with higher percentages for specific troops.


For Defense:

Sanguineous Fever – Attack while defending

Sanctuary Blessing – Defense while Defending

Dragon Guardian – Infantry Defense

Dragon Guardian – Archer Defense


Attacking Buildings (like in Throne, Dragon Campaign, Mineral Vein, Alliance Buildings):

The Leader – March Size Increase

Dragon Guardian – Infantry Defense

Dragon Guardian – Archer Defense

War Command – Siege Engine Attack

Precise Shot – Archer Attack


Defending Buildings (Throne, Dragon Campaign, Mineral Vein, Alliance Building):

The Leader – March Increase

Dragon Guardian – Infantry Defense

Dragon Guardian – Archer Defense

Dragon Guardian – Calvary Defense

Dragon Guardian – Siege Engine Defense

Here the Sanguineous Fever and Sanctuary Blessing are not going to help you because they are for defending the castle only.


For Duel Attack: depends upon which troops you primarily duel with


Siege Engine Duel: set Black Dragon as Guardian Dragon

Conquer the Land – Siege Attack

War Command – Siege Attack

Dragon Guardian – Siege Defense


Calvary Duel: set Blue Dragon as Guarding Dragon

Use the original blue dragon skills for Cavalry.


Hope this reference helps. Stay classy, stay dangerous, and as always, stay savage!

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