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Clash of Kings The West – Tier 11 Troops

Clash of Kings The West – Tier 11 Troops

Hi Everyone, welcome back! Let’s talk about the fantastic tier 11 troops that were recently introduced into CTW (COK West)!

What are the Tier 11 Troops?

  1. Frost Giant
    • Defensive Infantry unit
    • Trained at Barracks
    • Strong against Cavalry
    • 4 Bonus Attributes:
      1. Bolster – Defense against Cavalry Charge
      2. Bone Armor – Greatly increased defense
      3. Shockwave – Deal extra damage to Cavalry after defensive phase
      4. Crushing Hand – P5 ability, Change to instantly kill enemy cavalry
  2. Armoring Knight
    • Offensive Cavalry Unit
    • Trained at Stables
    • Strong against Archer
    • 4 Bonus Attributes:
      1. Sting – Deal damage to enemies in a line
      2. Heavy Armor – Fully Reduce damage from Enemy Archers
      3. Pike Dance – Deal AOE Damage to enemy Archers
      4. Ruthless – P5 ability, Chance to instantly kill enemy Archers
  3. Bombardier 
    • Offensive Archer Unit
    • Trained at Range
    • Strong against Armored Units
    • 4 Bonus Attributes:
      1. Set Fire – Inflict DOT Damage to enemies
      2. Explosive Bomb – Increase AOE Damage
      3. Heavy Bomb – Ignore Heavy Armored Defenses
      4. Boom Bomb – P5 Ability, Chance to deal extra AOE damage
  4. Self-Destruction Assault Cart 
    • Offensive Siege Units
    • Trained at Siege Factory
    • Strong against all units
    • Suicide Unit, has a high chance to kill itself for extra damage
    • 4 bonus attributes:
      1. Self Destruction – Chance to activate Self-destruct and deal massive AOE damage
      2. Charge – Increase movement speed
      3. Self Injury – Increase chance to trigger Self-destruct
      4. Wildfire Power – P5 Ability, increase damage and range of Self Destruct

How do I get T11 Troops in COK West (CTW)?

Easy! Well not that easy, but there only a few steps to follow:

  1. Reach Castle Level P1
  2. Have College level 23 or Higher
  3. Research the Special Warrior science tree in your College
    • Each New Unit research costs roughly:
      • 100 Prestige Badges
      • 200 Research Stones
      • 75,000,000 Food
      • 100,000,000 Wood
      • 6,000,000 Iron
      • 750,000 Mithril
      • This will change depending on your sciences and hero garrisons!
  4. Upgrade your troop buildings to level P1
  5. Do your Alliance Capital Quests in the Alliance Missions Tab to gain Active Points
  6. Use your Active Points to train Tier 11 Troops!

Are the Tier 11 Troops worth it?

YES! They are very powerful, and because they can be obtained at Castle level P1, they are your BEST DEFENSE against a Castle P5 Mega Spender! I highly recommend getting all 4, right now I have not gotten the Siege yet but I will be getting those soon!

If you have any other questions come join us in Discord and learn what types of Formations to send with your T11 Troops. Also come join us in the Forums by clicking HERE! <3

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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