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Alliance Guide

Alliance Positions and Ranks!

Alliance Positions and Ranks!


There are 4 major Alliance positions that can be appointed in Clash of Kings or Clash of Kings The West. All 4 of these positions are extremely important to having a smooth running alliance. We will go over these Positions, their importance, how they should be used, and other positions you can assign that are not mentioned in game. By the end of this guide you should have a smooth and efficient running alliance.

The four positions in Clash of Kings is as follows: Marshall, Diplomat, HR Officer, and Tutor. We will now do a quick break down of each position and what you, as leader, should expect from them or assign them.

Marshall: Your Marshall should be the most knowledgeable in troop sets and how to attack and defend effectively. You Marshall is your Lord of war. When troubles can’t be resolved diplomatically your Marshall should come to you with a strategy for war. You should review this and make any changes or discuss what you may think needs changed with your Marshall. I have always seen the Marshall position as my second in charge. This is the man or woman who will be working with you directly on every situation as an R4.

Diplomat: This one is pretty self explanatory. Your diplomat is solely in charge of trying to handle every issue diplomatically before it leads to war. Your diplomat should also be the only one outside of you making any changes to the alliance banner, making allies, peace treaties, and even forming a strong enough relationship with another alliance to consider them family. In the event an issue occurs and it can not be resolved diplomatically your diplomat should report directly to your Marshall who will then put a plan of attack together and present it to you.

HR Officer: Your HR Officer is also pretty self explanatory. Your HR Officer handles all promotions and Demotions between the ranks of R1-R3. I also put my HR Officer in charge of donations and pushing my members to donate daily. You should never base your ranks off of power. Regardless of how strong a member is your alliance will suffer if he or she isn’t helping in any other way. I have my HR Officer base promotions on weekly donations, how active a member is, how long they have been with us, and their willingness to help other members. All of these things play a major factor in how your alliance runs and if your members know that it will be based off a set criteria they will work harder to meet your expectations.

Tutor: Your Tutor should be your most knowledgeable player that you have and also someone who doesn’t mind to be patient with new players who have questions. Your Tutor will teach new players how to play, answer any and all questions your members have, and encourage growth. I also assign my Tutor to be the event planner. As an event planner the tutor is also responsible for planning all future events going on in game and teaching members how to maximize the rewards of these events. Having someone that is constantly on task with the new upcoming events will allow your members to plan ahead and be ready for the events to come.

Those are your 4 Alliance positions in a nut shell, lets check out the Ranks!


R5: Leader

R4: Officers / Most Trusted

R3: Trusted / Active / Loyal

R2: Active / Newer

R1: New / Trial

You should only assign R4 to a very trusted member as this position allows them to invite or kick anyone to and from your alliance. Never and I repeat never give R4 to someone just because they have power. These should be your most skilled, active, and knowledgeable members regardless of power. In the early stages of a kingdom you don’t want to have more than 4-6 R4s. If you have to many in charge it will cause disarray and most of the time drama.

You can have up to 6 R4s and still give them all an assigned task. If you have 6 then you can split up 1 as an event planner and another in charge of nothing but science. This can be very beneficial especially once your alliance is running smoothly. As your science grows and you are able to have more and more members you can then add an assistant to each position allowing you to have up to 12 R4s and I wouldn’t recommend having more than that. You always want to keep a balance between how many R4s compared to members you have.

I have also seen a lot of “shared leadership” this is when two or more members trade leadership of an alliance and act as co-leaders. This can be done but is never recommended or efficient. Your members won’t know who is really in charge and it doesn’t set a stable foundation for your alliance. You need 1 leader who remains in charge. You can still consult your R4s for advice if needed, but you need that stable foundation for a strong and loyal alliance.

I would also recommended using an outside messaging app such as Line or What’s App. Create 3 groups 1 for your leadership, 1 for all members, and an alert chat that should only be used if you are being attacked. I typically mute all notifications except for alert. Having a leadership chat outside of the game allows you to handle problems and make decisions before just rushing them on the floor. This allows you to make more suitable decisions and keeps the possibility of drama away from the eyes of your members. You never want your leadership to look weak in the eyes of your members. Thank you for taking the time to read and as always Happy Hunting.

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