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Arena of Mars / Battle Formation, Strategy

Clash of Kings The West – Arena of Mars Castle 30 P2 Formation

Clash of Kings The West – Arena of Mars Castle 30 P2 Formation

Arena of Mars Castle 30 P2, March Size (With Buffs): 406,250

  • Infantry P2
    • Tier 10, Shield: 85,000
    • Tier 9, Pike: 35,000
    • Tier 8, Pike: 3,063
    • Tier 7, Shield: 3,750
  • Archer P2
    • Tier 10, Longbow: 20,000
    • Tier 9, Crossbow: 7,500
    • Tier 8, Longbow: 1,125
  • Cavalry P2
    • Tier 10, Charging: 115,000
    • Tier 9, Ranged: 108,169
    • Tier 8, Charging: 5,018
    • Tier 7, Range: 1,500
  • Siege P2
    • Tier 10, Ranged: 25,000
    • Tier 8, Ranged: 1,125

Full Battle Report showing this formation in action is here

(Make sure you click Expand on the top right of the image, or it will look small!)

Read through the Troop Philosophy section first and be ready to adapt this standard formation as needed. Come visit us on the Forums or Chat group with questions! Make sure your +20% up to 70% Attack and Defense items are activated, as well as your March Bonus items are activated, including the new Single March use items!!! This is the formation for your Clash of Kings the West Arena of Mars, castle level 30 P2!

Come show us a picture of the person’s formation who you want to beat, and we will give you the troop composition you need to beat them 🙂


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