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COK – Dragon Grapheme Stones – Best Dragon Words

COK – Dragon Grapheme Stones – Best Dragon Words

Hey ladies and Gentlemen, today I want to touch briefly on the Clash of Kings Dragon Grapheme Stones, and what is the Best Dragon Word to use.

For Starters, a Dragon Stone is the building block needed to learn and use every Dragon Word. You can collect Dragon Grapheme Stones by killing monsters, completing in game quests and events, looting your free treasures at the port, buying packs, and a ton of other ways. A dragon stone can be combined similar to equipment materials. However, instead of 4 materials turning into 1 material of the next quality, a Dragon grapheme stone requires only 2 of the previous level stones to upgrade.

There are a total of 25 levels of Dragon Grapheme Stones, so the level 2 stone requires 2x level 1. The level 5 stone requires 2x level 4, and so on. Due to the exponential nature, to gain 1 single level 25 Dragon Grapheme Stone, you will need to aquire and combine 16,777,216 level 1 stones. To put that in perspective, the $100.00 packs give you 120,000 level 1 stones, so you would have to spend $14,000 to get 1 level 25 dragon stone! !!!

A dragon word is a unique semi-permanent bonus that you can activate by holding the appropriate dragon stones. Some dragon words require 2 stones, some require 4 stones. If a dragon word requires 1 of each level I, II, III, and IV Dragon Grapheme Stone, then you will need to posses one of each of those to activate it. If you are missing one of the stones, then you will not be able to activate the word.

I don’t want to bore you and talk about every single dragon word and their uses, I will talk briefly about the strongest and most affordable dragon words that are easy for a non-spender to get. I don’t want you spending $14,000 on a game, I want you to spend $5 and enjoy your experience.


For Farming and Growth / Training – Dragon Word Benediction

  • Third Order Dragon Word
  • Requires 3 Dragon Grapheme Stones
    • 1x Level 6
    • 1x Level 10
    • 1x level 14
  • Total level 1 stones required: 4,640
  • Bonuses:
    • Total Resource Income: +40%
    • Gathering Speed all Resources: +10%
    • Soldier Training Speed: +8%
    • Level 7 and lower Soldier Training Speed: +25%
    • Level 8 Soldier Training Speed: +10%

For Combat – Dragon Word Warpath

  • Third Order Dragon Word
  • Requires 4 Dragon Grapheme Stones
    • 1x level 2
    • 1x level 5
    • 1x level 8
    • 1x level 16
  • Total level 1 stones required: 32,914
  • Bonuses:
    • Troop attack: +6%
    • Troop defense: +6%
    • Attack of Defending Troop: +6%
    • Turn Dead Soldier to Wounded: +1%
    • March Speed: +30%

Those are the two most affordable and effective dragon words to get without spending more than $5. It will take you $5 and a few weeks of farming to acquire Warpath, but it is worth it. Here you can see a simple chart displaying How many Dragon Grapheme Stones do you need for each rank stone. If you have questions come join us on Discord or the forums by clicking HERE! <3

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