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What is an Advanced Combat Simulator?

Our Advanced Combat Simulators (ACS) provide Troop March Calculations by comparing your march against the march of an enemy.

  • Calculate Actual March Totals
  • Compare and Simulate Combat against an enemy
  • Save your March Composition
  • Share your Micro-Url on the forums or in Chat for others to see

Why should I care?

Chances are that you spend an average of $26 dollars a month on the game. Using the RTS Mobile Advanced Combat Simulators, you can maximize your investments and make sure you are not throwing that $26 down the drain.

How does it work?

  1. Input your troop totals that comprise your march
  2. Add in your troop % bonuses at the top, and select if you are having a normal battle, siege attack, or other.
  3. Once you have your march in, you will see your ACTUAL march totals.
  4. If you want to compare your march against an enemy, simply enter their troop totals and % bonuses in the Red column.
  5. Reveal your ‘Chance for Victory” At the top of the Calculator!

How accurate are the simulators?

Our ACS use complex algorithms to calculate the most accurate statistics and results possible. Keep in mind that game developers do their best to encrypt and conceal their Proprietary Combat Algorithms.

We at RTS Mobile pledge to give you the most accurate results possible, and to constantly update and revise our own secret combat algorithms as we learn more about the hidden ones used inside each game. Until the algorithms are perfected, the ACS will be considered in a BETA phase.

Will more games be added to the list in the future?

Yes, we plan on adding more combat simulators to our site for our Premium Members to enjoy! If you have a game that you would like to suggest we use, please let us know!