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Diablo Immortal – Diablo officially as a Mobile RTS MMOARPG – Coming Soon!

Diablo Immortal – Diablo officially as a Mobile RTS MMOARPG – Coming Soon!


Hey ladies and gents, Randy here, this afternoon I would like to look at an upcoming game set to release in the next 6 months (we hope!) This is not a game play review, the game has not launched yet, but this is a collection of the info we know so far and a preview of what we can expect and why we should be excited about it.

Opinion: Diablo Immortal is set to take the stage as the largest and most dynamic Blizzard title since World of Warcraft.

Now you may be saying to yourself, “hey, there is nothing but oldschool gamers torching this game on Twitter and Facebook, Randy is full of shT.” But what you may not realize is that Mobile gaming is the biggest gaming platform in the world, and many multiples larger than PC & Console gaming combined.

The reason that Blizzard is paving a yellow brick road here is that mobile gamers, including myself, have been hungering for a truly great mobile gaming title to be released. To date, there is literally no game for mobile that can compare with Blizzard titles like WoW, Diablo 3, Overwatch, etc. PUBG and Fortnight finally are making a big dent in that issue, but there are no RPGs.

Diablo Immortal is going to fill a void that millions of gamers can’t quite describe, even if a few thousand of them are complaining right now. Have faith, if Blizzard releases a trashy cash grab, they are done for. In order to stay relevant they literally have to make this game insane and competitive for the free-to-play members of our gaming society.

Trust me, I’m an old school PC gamer that played WOW, Diablo & Diablo 2 back in Middle school and high school. My mom would take the mouse to our PC with her to work so that I couldn’t play when I got home from school, and guess what, I learned to play using just the keyboard and arrow keys.

Now that you understand why I am so excited about Diablo Immortal, let’s talk about the actual upcoming game.

Things that we Know:

    • Story line set between era for Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 titles
    • 6 Classes
      • Barbarian
      • Monk
      • Wizard
      • Crusader
      • Demon Hunter
      • Necromancer
    • Skarn, Herald of Terror as main antagonist
    • Easily Adapted controls (Diablo 3 having a 5-skill bar converts perfectly to the right thumb wheel controls typical in current Mobile RPGs and MOBAs)
    • We expect to see smooth combat with great graphics, per pre-release media and Gameplay

Things that we Don’t want:

  • No quick cash-grab!
    • A quick cash grab is when the game devs allows you to purchase $1 and $5 packs only once, before forcing you to spend $50-$100 minimum per pack!
  • No Pay-To-Win Model!
    • If you can achieve significant advantages over other players by spending money on in-game packs, this game will be the end of Blizzard!
  • No Boring monster interactions or toned down combat
    • Give us Full Story lines and explosive sparkles everywhere
  • RMAH
    • If you put a real money auction house in here you are doomed Blizzard, don’t do it!


Make sure you stay tuned here at RTS Mobile for all the up to date game reviews and a detailed game guide for Diablo Immortal! Come hang out on our Forums and find your friends before the game even starts, click HERE!

Thanks for reading <3 see you soon.

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