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Warhammer C&C - ComebackKing's Beginner's Guide

Warhammer C&C – Enemy Troop Power and Anti-Scout Strategies

Warhammer C&C – Enemy Troop Power and Anti-Scout Strategies

(This guide is an intro to key strategic plays used up to keep lvl 22, and is part 1 of the ComebackKing Beginner’s Guide)

Warhammer Chaos & Conquest, how to determine Enemy troop power calculations and Scouting strategies

Stop scouting forts in order to determine troop and defense count!

Scouting forts gives away your location and your enemy can take measure to defend or manipulate the numbers on the scouting report. Instead look at the profile and manually take a good estimation with a 5% margin of error.

  • Look at the players profile and lvl and power. If between lvl 14-18 use 2.5 million as for power. Lvl 19-20 use 3.5 million and 21-22 use 4.5 million. 
    1. For player lvl 20 and below assume they have all they have t3 troops and 21-22 assume they have about 20 percent t4 and 80 percent t3.
    2. For defense calcs that is why I used low for power values. The underestimation of fort power makes the remaining troop power overestimated because the troop power we will use as a defense value defense value only matters at lvl 18 because while you still have t3 troops you can begin building t4 defenses (razorwalls).
  • Here are some examples to make it simple:
  • Lvl 17 with 12 million power according to player profile.
    1. Subtract 12 million from 2.5 million and you have 9.5 million leftover.
    2. Since its lvl 17 we know they have no t4 defense, so all troops and defense are t3 and have the same power which is 25.
    3. Divide 9.5 million by 25 and get 380K.
    4. So a lvl 17 player has no more than 380k troops.
  • Next example a lvl 20 player with 19 million power.
    1. Do 19 million minus 3.5 million and get 15.5 million
    2. Since its lvl 20 that means he probaly had tier 4 defense and only t3 troops so since the number values is different let’s calculate a rough estimate of def.
    3. T4 value is 60 per unit and at this lvl I overestimated an assume they have 75k units worth.
    4. So 75k time 60 is 4.5 million of possible t4 defense.
    5. Now subtract 15.5 million by 4.5 million and get 11 million worth of t3 troop power.
    6. Now divide 11 million by 25 and get 440k worth of troops
    7. So for a player with 19 million power they have a estimated 75k max tier 4 def and a max of 440k t3 troops.
  • That’s it for examples now let’s learn how manually doing calcs vs scouting can help.
Scout Report example, Keep level 19

False marches & No scout shrouds!

Usually during pvp events and wars some top power players use false marches in conjunction with no scout shroud s to trick you and lie. The strategy is 98% of players don’t know how to accurately manually calculate troop and defense(now you do) and so all they do is send a false March to make you think all they troops are gone, combined with a shroud so you cant scout making you think it’s safe to attack.

Stop falling for this: I’m surprised people fall for this its irrational on both sides. Here’s the thing if someone has more than 7 million power and are false marching and no scout shrouding they are baiting you to blindly attack.  Players that have 7 million or more have over 100k troops so why would you send a 100k or less march to attack(warband,warband, warband again). 

Combating no scout and exaggeration shroud: a lot of players use. No scout and exaggerate my power shroud to lie. Here is how to combat both. The exaggeration shroud only fools your eyes so go on player leaderboards and it’ll show the real power. Leaderboards aren’t people and always show real power. Once you go on the leaderboards and see the enemy true power, well manually calculate the estimated maximum defenses and troops.

Counterattack once you do all the below: 

  1. Make sure you at least 100 miles away from the player you targeting.
  2. Bookmark a coordinate near  that is outside of 35 miles of the enemy.
  3. Prepare a warband that starts in an hour and get help from all your troops and your allies as well.( remember no personal 100k marches until you know they are whittled down)
  4. After the warband has troop count to your satisfaction instant send 
  5. 5 seconds after the warband is visually outside your fort teleport to that location you bookmarked.
  6. Since the location was 35 miles or more away from enemy.
  7. The warband instant resolves, the battle report shows your old location, and the cant hear the tp sound or see you and their look out tower don’t detect you so your hidden for now ;).

  That’s it for now, more info coming later!

Join us on Discord at if you have more questions, or jump back to our Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest beginner’s guide to keep reading! [Click Here to return to Warhammer Guides]

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