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Warhammer C&C - ComebackKing's Beginner's Guide

Warhammer C&C – Troop Statistics and Battle Mechanics

Warhammer C&C – Troop Statistics and Battle Mechanics

(This guide covers Attack Chance, Morale, Armor mechanics and Strategy)

Attack chance

The percent out of 100% that every troop will attack and land a hit.(in this game even though battles are instantly done behind the scenes there are battle steps that rely on percent and dice rolls.)

Try to maximize this stat as much as possible. I would rather have a 100% chance and know my troops will land a hit than to have a 20% chance and end up missing. Do remember this only affect the chance to hit bot how much damage you deal.


This may be a little confusing because it has multiple parts, so bear with me. Morale is basically when your troops take a certain amount of damage , they either run away and end up dying or be big boys and fight back. Again a dice roll is needed and it’s out of 100% chance like attack chance. The trick part is that you can not start leveling up morale until level 19 I think.

However at level 14 you unlock chaos giants and their morale stat is 80% out of 100.(side note before I continue I have to explain squad size). They have a squad size of 3. Also squad size is important because the lower the squad size the easier it is to fail a morale test.

When a troop squad is broken up their power is lost and those troops actually run making them easier to kill. So until level 19 when attacking, send in a good number of chaos giants to improve your odds.

Attack Chance and Morale in Battle on Defense

In theory and practicality Attack chance and Morale are semi dependent on each other. If your being attacked and some troops have to do a morale test, attack percent chance will severely help. For example, if I pass a morale test but have a 40% attack chance I could miss then the next round that troop dies for nothing.

On the other hand, if I have a  100% attack chance and pass a morale test then that troop will land a hit and do damage. You don’t have to be the best or whatever nonsense people spew, if you put your troops In a position to have a guaranteed fighting chance…..that’s all you need and all you can do.

Attack Chance and Morale on Offense

If I attack a fort I have an advantage because every troop gets a chance to attack before the opponent can defend and respond. Again I would rather have a 100% chance and guarantee all my troops attack(they don’t have to kill everything just land damage and at least make enemy forces start performing morale test).

If the enemy has troops after round 1 they can attack you back and make you perform morale tests. Again until level 19 throw some chaos giants with 80% morale in the mix. The main thing is if you pass a morale test a high attack chance stat will improve the chance for that troop to do damage even if it dies off at least it did something useful.


Armor is basically troop defense stat. The higher this stat the more damage your opponent has to deal to kill that troop. This is a stat I would max out as well and here some reasons why: troops are more durable,work in combo with attack chance and morale.

Armor, Attack Chance, Morale in Battle

If my troops have high armor it makes it harder for enemy troops to damage my troops to a point where they have to morale test. However until level 19 get armor and attack chance as close to 100% as possible and stock up on choas giants.  At least this way you have a high chance to pass morale test with tanky t3 troops and a almost guaranteed chance to hit back and successfully deal damage. Again it’s about putting yourself and troops in the best scenario to win or at least fight back and take out as many enemies as they can before they die.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next guide post!

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  1. Nice article but I’m sure the devs have confirmed that squad size has no impact in game. Any idea how armour actually works? Does 50 armour reduce damage by 50? If so it seems a bit pointless when a unit has 1500 health. Or is it a 50% reduction? Which seems pretty awesome!

  2. Agreed squad size does not affect in game. I’ll talk to Comeback King to revise his guide 🙂 Thanks Hutchy


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