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ENJIN – War of Crypto – COMING SOON Q4 2018!

ENJIN – War of Crypto – COMING SOON Q4 2018!


Hey ladies and gents, Randy here, this afternoon I would like to look at an upcoming game set to launch in Q4 2018. War of Crypto is being developed by Enjin, and is being made to run based on the ENJ – ETH ERC 1155 Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT / Blockchain / Cryptocurrency.) This is not a game play review, the game has not launched yet, but this is an FYI preview of what we can expect and why we should be excited about it.

We are not going to get into the nitty gritty details of blockchain or cryptocurrency. If you have only heard of Bitcoin, this is definitely not that, so let’s get into the basic concepts behind Enjin’s new platform.


Amazon coins or Google Play Credits that are used to purchase in game items from apps in the App stores are “virtual money” right? Google and Amazon typically won’t refund you if you purchase $25 of their native virtual money. Once you put your money into a game or mobile app, that money is gone forever and it turns into little pixels that app developers make a ton of money selling to you. There is a reason why the mobile app gaming industry generates THREE TIMES as much revenue as PC and Console gaming combined!

Imagine that the $25 you put into Google Play or Amazon is instead used to purchase $25 worth of ENJ, Enjin’s token on the Ethereum blockchain. You would be able to use your ENJ coins to purchase in-game items, items from other players, crafted equipment, unique pets and weapons, etc! The possibilities are endless, because what ENJIN is doing is assigning unique values to the tens of thousands of in-game items and making it so you literally own the items in your possession. Not only do you own them, but you can trade and sell your items to other players due to the nature of the block chain technology.

The most dramatic change between your typical mobile apps and the platform that Enjin is building is that your $25 is lost forever in Amazon or Google play, but with Enjin you can melt your game assets and CASH OUT at any time. 

When you put your $25 into Amazon Coins or Google Play, it is gone forever, but when you put your $25 into ENJ and use it inside a game built on Enjin’s platform, you can trade your valuable items to other players and CASH OUT at any time. Not only that, but in your game play you may acquire unique or rare possessions that you can MAKE money above and beyond the $25 we are talking about.

The biggest reason we are excited about War of Crypto is because it will be part of a hybrid ecosystem where you literally own the in-game currency and many of your unique in-game items. There is no more throwing money away to the developers, they will still make their generous cut I am sure, but when you spend ENJ on the games you play, you will keep much of your value. Once Enjin finalizes their platform and other distributed app (dapp) developers start making games based on that platform, you will be able to transfer in game currency and select items between the different games as well!

Now that you understand why I am so excited, let’s talk about the actual upcoming game. War of Crypto is slated to launch in Q8 2018. This game looks to be a hybrid between a trading card game and an RPG, and could be a mashup of games like Summoners War and Hearthstone.

Read through our below expectations and if you see something you want to add, post a reply! We will ask some of the WOC Developers to check out the comments below if we see some constructive conversations going on!

Things that we can Expect:

  • Hero & Creature collecting / battling type game
    • Centered around collecting and leveling / training your different creatures or Heroes
    • Multiple creature types previewed at E3 2018 back in June
      • Summoner (Humanoid of sorts)
      • Dragon (Yay dragons)
      • Dog strapped to a Rocket (named Mooner. If you’re a cryptocurrency fan, try to laugh at the dry humor)
      • Hundreds more creature types expected, 10 more forthcoming in the pre-registration / pre-release sale on July 10th, 2018.
    • Once you collect and train your creatures, you can battle them
    • We expect to be able to trade creatures with other players
    • We expect to be able to create cool armor / items for our creatures to use
    • We expect to see smooth combat with great graphics and super-duper sparkly spells and abilities

Things that we Don’t want:

  • Don’t allow players to collect and maximize the levels of their creatures in the first few weeks with their Credit Cards.
  • No quick cash-grab!
    • A quick cash grab is when the game devs allows you to purchase $1 and $5 packs only once, before forcing you to spend $50-$100 minimum per pack!
  • No Boring monster interactions and 2-D “Maplestory” type combat
  • No 6 months delayed launch, give it to us in 2018 or get out.

Make sure you stay tuned here at RTS Mobile for all the up to date game reviews and a detailed game guide for Enjin’s War of Crypto! Come hang out on our Forums and find your friends before the game even starts, click HERE! You can also check out Enjin’s official War of Crypto website @

Thanks for reading <3 see you soon.

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