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EVE Echoes, Story Line Encounters for 25 – 250mil isk fast!

EVE Echoes, Story Line Encounters for 25 – 250mil isk fast!

Please enjoy this Fantastic EVE Echoes guide written by my good friend, @badluck <3

One of the best, if not the best way to make isk in EVE Echoes is by fighting the Story Line Encounters.

There are story missions that can be done that give anywhere from 25 million to 250 million isk. These are the books you get for completing the encounters in the story quest chain for each of the main factions. They unlock very hard missions that need to be done with a fleet. Soloing a 25m quest takes me about 3 hours alone.

I have duoed the 85 / 65 / and a couple 45 million ones. Each take us about 4-5 hours. These missions also drop the named faction equipment that’s selling high on the market (10m missiles etc for example)

In addition to being a great source of Isk, there are great practice for the strike teams to work together because these missions are indeed very difficult. Usually fighting up to 30 ships in a wave and 4 waves in a encounter. The elite ships in the encounters drop the named loot.

After completing the regular Story Mode encounters, and after completing a “constellation” or set of the story missions, you are awarded with a book or scroll which unlocks the special elite story mission. if corporation members donate their books or sell them to the Corp it would be relatively cost effective. Or you can use Corp funds to buy the missions outright.

Usually 10m isk for the lower ones with a 25m pay out or 40m for the highest ones with a 250m pay out. The 250m one ship alone gives almost 5m in bounties. These are t10 encounters and we would need to work our way up there. Once again these are challenging encounters where the PVE ships will warp disrupt you and also kite you. They don’t behave like what you find in anoms and low level missions.

For example in this screen shot. Friends by blood is a 250m t10 encounter. Spark of rebellion is a 25m t6 encounter. The others range from 45-90m encounters that are t8.

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