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Firstborn: Kingdom Come In-Depth Review

Firstborn: Kingdom Come In-Depth Review

Firstborn: Kingdom Come In-Depth Review

For those of you who follow my Clash of Kings The West reviews and guides, the best way for me to describe this game is to say it is everything that CTW wishes it could be. Firstborn brings 3D graphics, a new style of battle mechanics, and first person game play. This is a game unlike any other war style micro transaction game, whereas there is plenty of free to play content. There are so many aspects to this game that will have you playing for hours without leaving the inside of your castle.


When you first enter into Firstborn you will be met with a very unique cut scene giving you a back story to the game and setting you on your path for the quest dialog. This game, unlike most mmo, has a very in depth single player mixed with the massive multiplayer.

Like CTW and COK you acquire a multitude of hero’s. Depending on the gear these hero’s wear will depend on your statistics, and how you do in battle. YOU CAN ACQUIRE GREAT GEAR THROUGH DROPS. As I said before this is a very free to play friendly game. Within a few minutes of starting the game you will be introduced into the first person game play, which allows you to do quest within your own castle walls to acquire items.

There is also your single player quest called dimensional battle. It is located in the center of your citadel aka castle. This new dimensional battle is AMAZING. It allows you to see your battles in first person, and modify the location of where your troops attack to gain an advantage on the enemy. This is also where the primary story line is located. With all of the individual quest offered in this game you aren’t just sitting around waiting for an upgrade, because there is ALWAYS something to do. Like CTW and COK you still have alliances and science and you can very much be attacked.

Your hero’s can be captured and locked into a prison however you are able to place a bounty on your attacker for the release of your hero. This will allow bigger players to acquire a lot of silver by attacking these players to free your hero’s from their prison. The hospital capacity is a lot higher so you will lose less troops, and upgrades are so much easier. This game will be the new standard, and I highly recommend it to anyone playing Clash of Kings or any game of the same genre.


  • Free to play friendly.
  • New dimensional battle.
  • Quest within your castle walls to keep you occupied.
  • Bigger hospital capacity.


  • Still a pay to win multiplayer.
    • Big spenders are still able to buy massive armies to overrun you.
  • Only available in select countries currently.


Firstborn is still in a BETA phase meaning it isn’t available in most countries at this time. They are constantly making major changes which is preventing me from spending a ton of time in this game until its mass release date. From the time I have spent in the game it has honestly changed my perspective on what mobile gaming can, and should be. I would highly recommend this game to anyone in the mobile gaming community that play COK, CTW, or any similar games.

Review [90/100]

  • Graphics – 10/10
  • Audio – 8/10
  • Community 5/10 – Due to the limited player base in BETA phase.
  • Characters 9/10



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  1. Easy read and informative, just how I like it. Thanks! I’ll probably give it a try.


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