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Game of Thrones: Conquest – Coming Soon!

Game of Thrones: Conquest – Coming Soon!

Hey guys and gals. If you know me outside of the game, you know I am a die-hard Game of Thrones fan! I read the books 10 years ago before the show was ever announced, and I love everything about the show as well! I am posting today to let you know that GOT is creating an OFFICIAL RTS Mobile Base Builder Game! This will be similar to Clash of Kings and Final Fantasy XV in many ways, so make sure you read up on their free game guides to learn the basics for this genre.

Read through our below expectations and if you see something you want to add, post a reply! We will try to get Game of Thrones staff to read this article, so make sure you post your thoughts!

Things that we can Expect:

  • Base Builder Game
    • Centered around creating your “House” or castle
    • Multiple Troop Types for strategic layered combat
      • Estimated 5 Troop Types
    • Typical buildings for Research, Wounded, Resources
    • Very alliance centered game
      • as we know from GOT books and shows, without your House you are nothing, but every house needs Allies to survive.
    • Battle for the Iron Throne
      • As with most base builders, there will probably be a battle for the throne.
      • This will be the culminating point for controlling the kingdom
      • Very alliance centered, possibly MULTIPLE alliance battles!

Things that we can Hope for:

    • Very exciting to potentially have access to mythical creatures that make the legends feel real!
  • Dire Wolves!
  • Balanced Packs!
    • You can see from the registration page, GOT Conquest $50 pack will only give you 2m resources and 24hr speedup!
    • Hopefully there will be no overpowered packs to give Spenders a huge advantage!
  • Highly Customization Units and Talent Trees!
  • Multiple Races / Nationalities with unique traits!
    • We know from in game, each continent is full of unique cultures and organizations…
      • Faceless Men
      • Dothraki
      • Westerosi
      • Unsullied
      • Warlocks of Quarth
      • Unsullied
      • +Many More!
    • 10/19/2017 [October 19th, 2017]

Things that we Don’t want:

  • No Massive unbalanced packs Please! Don’t allow players to reach max level in the first few weeks with their Credit Cards.
  • No quick cash-grab!
    • A quick cash grab is when the game allows you to purchase $1 and $5 packs only once, before forcing you to spend $50-$100 minimum per pack!
  • No Boring monster interactions on the global map!
  • No Boring in-game GOT characters!
    • Don’t put John Snow in the game as your daily Tip!

Things that we know for Sure:

  • Click HERE to visit the Game of Thrones: Conquest official web page and PRE-REGISTER TODAY to get a $50 pack for free!
    • $50 Pack Includes:
      • 500 Gold
      • 1 million Food
      • 1 million Wood
      • 24 hour speedup
      • Black of the Night’s Watch – CHESTPIECE
      • The Watcher on the Wall – HELMET
      • The Sword in the Darkness – SWORD

Make sure you stay tuned here at RTS Mobile for all the up to date game reviews and game guide for GOT Conquest once it releases! Come hang out on our Forums and find your alliance before the game even starts, click HERE!

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  1. Can’t wait for this one, I’ll be like a kid at Christmas when it comes out. Hope it meets expectations.

    • Haha yes, coming on 10/19/17! Get Ready!!!! !! !


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