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Game of Thrones Conquest – Best Rally Formation and Best Strategy

Game of Thrones Conquest – Best Rally Formation and Best Strategy

Hey there Ladies and gents, welcome back. Today we want to talk about the best strategies and the Best Rally Formation for GOT: Conquest. If you have been wondering how to zero that enemy Keep with 15 million power, this is how to win.

Best Strategy – Key Steps

  1. Make sure you Equip your strongest armor for Attacking enemy players.
    • Don’t equip items with useless PVP statistics like Monster Attack Damage or Resource Farming speed!
    • Pick armor that focuses on your main troop killers, like your Archers or Cavalry. (I pick Cavalry!)
    • For additional info on armor crafting, check out my other guide post by clicking here
  2. Activate your Combat Buff Items
    • +10% thru +30% Bonus Attack and Defense
    • +2000 thru +12000 Maximum March Size (The Amount of troops you can send)
    • +10% thru +30% March Speed
  3. Teleport close to your Rally Host, ideally they will be close to the Target for short march times!
  4. Rally Host will start 3 or more Rallies on the target, all 5 minutes.
    • These rallies should be spaced 15-30 seconds apart so they hit right after eachother
    • 5 Minute rally will ensure the enemy has minimum reaction time, and no reinforcement can come
  5. Continue to host non-stop rallies until the enemy has been killed

Best Rally Formation – Strategy 1 vs Strategy 2

Strategy 1

  • Send a layered formation with multiple troop types (Click here for more info on troop types)
  • All players in the rally (5) send the highest level troops possible, ideally meeting 4 minimum troop types
  • Your ratio for a troop layer should look like the following example:
    • March Size (example) 60,000
    • Tier 7 infantry: 10,000
    • Tier 7 cavalry: 15,000
    • Tier 7 archer: 15,000
    • Tier 7 Siege: 5,000
    • Tier 6 infantry: 5,000
    • Tier 6 cavalry: 10,000
    • Adjust these troop counts so your strongest killers are more plentiful, based on your troop statistics! These numbers are for an example of what I would send! My focus is Cavalry damage 🙂

Strategy 2

  • Each of the 5 players specializes in a different troop statistic
    • For Example:
      • 2 people might specialize in Cavalry
      • 1 person specialize in infantry
      • 2 people specialize in Archer
      • Siege is not important enough troop in the rally for someone to only focus Siege
        • based on the game algorithm now, Siege is extremely weak. Maybe this will change in a future update!
  • Each of the 5 players send mainly the highest level troop they are focusing, with a small amount of the lower level troop.
    • For example the person who focuses Infantry will send 60,000 troops:
      • Tier 7 infantry (offensive): 53,000
      • Tier 6 infantry (defensive): 5,000
      • Tier 7 Siege: 2,000
    • Don’t get lazy and send only 60,000 Tier 7 infantry! You will have a defensive weakness against archers if you do that. Make sure you cover your weaknesses, you would not go into a fight with only half a suit of armor and a sword…
  • This is a newer theory and has only been tested a few times, so feel free to try it out and provide pictures and information for us in the forums!

If you have any comments or replies, click HERE to join us in the forum! Thanks for reading everyone and have a wonderful time killing your enemies 🙂

And if you have 9 minutes to watch the video version of this guide, check it out below:

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  1. What about what troops to send reinforcing against a rally?

  2. How do I join the alliance

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