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Game of Thrones Conquest – How to kill Monsters

Monster Killing - GOT Conquest

Hello there ladies and gents, welcome back. Today we want to discuss the Best Monster Killing Strategy for GOT: Conquest. If you are stuck on low level monsters and want to kill the higher levels but aren’t sure how, we are here to help.

The Basics

  1. Make sure your training grounds building is leveled up, as this will increase the amount of troops you are able to send in an attack
  2. Make sure you are training the maximum level troops available. If you are Keep level 13, you can train Tier 5. If you are keep level 16, you can train Tier 6.
  3. Send a good balanced formation of Infantry, Archers and Horse.
  4. You want to send a few Siege but not too many, Siege units are mainly for attacking enemy Keeps or Seats of Power.
  5. You need decent science research to fight high level Monsters
  6. Equipping the correct Armor will give you a huge advantage. Don’t equip armor pieces that give you gathering bonuses, make sure your armor gives you attack % and defense % statistics.
  7. Attacking Monsters is not the same as attacking players. You do not need lower level troop layers, like sending tier 5 and tier 6 horses. You want to send your highest tier troops.

The formation we use in the attached video is roughly:

  • 12,000 T6 Infantry
  • 12,000 T6 Horse
  • 12,000 T6 Archer
  • 1,500 T6 Siege

If you are wondering what troops to send for your monster killing, ask us in our forums by clicking here and we will build a custom formation for you.

Thanks for reading ladies and gents, have a fantastic day! <3


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  1. Hi Randy,

    Great and helpful videos. Keep it up!

    I have an OT question, are you playing the game on PC/mac? I’m playing it on my tablet but it is very laggy/crashes sometimes. Just curious what device/tool you’re using…your game runs pretty smoothly. Thanks!

    • Hey @Red_Pikachu ! Thanks for watching!! I play the game on my phone using Side-Swipe to link it to my computer. It is a samsung feature, not sure if other companies offer similiar PC – Phone linking?

  2. Do you have data on dothraki? Or a call curator for creature killing? Thanks!

  3. Hi @thetis , what data are you looking for? I just did a quick video on killing Dothraki earlier this week, check it out here maybe it will help ya!

  4. I am a level 8 player and need to know what to get to kill level 7 monsters for the resources. what do I need?


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