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Base Building and Allegiances

GOT Conquest – Base Building Basics

GOT Conquest – Base Building Basics

Hey ladies and gents, welcome back to RTS Mobile. Today we will talk briefly about the new Game of Thrones: Conquest (GOT Conquest) base builder game coming out in 11 days (October 19th, 2017.)

We got our first look at the BETA this morning, and I want to go into a little detail about the base building basics to remember when you play this game in 2 weeks!

GOT Conquest Base Building Strategy:

The main early game objective is to upgrade your Keep level, gain power / train troops and grow stronger and faster than your competition. To do this, RTS Mobile recommends you “rush” all building upgrades needed to gain the next available troop tier (2) as fast as possible. Once you have the next level troop tier, go ahead and start upgrading your important outer castle buildings. These would be your War camp, Healing Tent, Farm and Sawmill.

Do not forget to keep your important outer buildings upgraded, while troop strength is very important, sustained castle growth is even more critical. Leapfrog your Keep and Troop buildings to gain the next level troops, then catch your other buildings up to that level before progressing higher!

  • The main early game objective is to upgrade your Keep level, gain power, train troops and upgrade your other buildings. These are some of the buildings we had a look at in the BETA:
    • Main GOT Conquest Troop Types seen in the BETA:
      • Footman – Infantry unit trained at the Barracks
      • Squire – Horse Unit trained at the Stable
      • (There are additional troop types but these are the only 2 we saw. We will know more details on October 19th after the Official Release)
  • You should be rushing towards military strength as fast as possible, but do not forget to upgrade your resource buildings. Remember that once your resource buildings are a high level, you will gain MORE resources from these than from gathering resources out in the World Map. This will give you the advantage during war times, as you will be self-sustaining and won’t need to risk killing your troops while gathering.
    • Resource Buildings:
      • Farm – generates food for your troop training and building upgrades
      • Sawmill – generates wood for building upgrades and certain troop types
  • Once you have sustainable resources inside your castle, move to your military support buildings
    • Support Buildings
      • War Camp – Upgrading this building will increase the number of troops trained, and increase the speed they are trained at!
      • Medic Tent – Increase your hospital capacity for healing wounded troops. Troops may be wounded from killing creatures, attacking enemy Houses, or defending an attack
      • Training Yard – Increase the amount of troops you can send at once in a march.
      • Store House – Increase the amount of resources you can protect within your Keep if you are attacked.
  • There are of course other buildings and each one plays a key role, but these are the most important ones to upgrade and keep up to date within your Keep.

Stay tuned and join us in the Forums (Click HERE) to be a part of the RTS Mobile allegiance within GOT Conquest! We will be provided an IN-DEPTH full guide as soon as the game full releases on October 19th, 2017!

Thanks everyone 🙂

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  1. This looks like it will be pretty similiar to clash of kings, hopefully since its GOT and the audience is mostly English speaking, there should be no chinese spending $10000 on the first day lol.

  2. Someone hacked your game. Just a week in and in kingdom 16 player Bvenom182 is a lv 155 player with a lv21 castle, 4.4 mil power, and all gold gear. I can’t stand cheaters and people like him is why Clash and Rise are dead.


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