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GOT: Conquest – In Depth Game Review

GOT: Conquest – In Depth Game Review

Hey there ladies and gents, I hope you are having a wonderful week! We are here today to bring you a detailed review of Game of Thrones: Conquest. I feel I am qualified to give you this GOT: Conquest Review because I have been playing for about 4 weeks now and I have achieved a lofty Keep level of 17. This will not be a generic click-bait review done by a food-blogger who played for 15 minutes, you can trust my judgement here 😉

Let’s start with the basics: This game is an MMO Base Builder

For those of you who don’t know what that means, essentially the game is centered around building your base, or “Keep”, and upgrading the key buildings within your keep. The main goal of every MMO Base Builder is to level your buildings to the max, train maximum level troops quickly, and massacre your enemies. You may be interested to know that this base builder has some very unique features that sets it apart from your cookie cutter builds.

When you compare GOT Conquest to massive cash-grab base builders such as Final Fantasy XV New Empire, you will see huge differences:

GOT: Conquest 3 Biggest Pros:
  1. Allegiance System – your in-game alliance system is very different from every other base builder I’ve ever played, and I’ve played quite a few. It is a Pyramid structure with a maximum of 156 members. If you are a tier 1, or first rung below the leader, you will have a total of 30 members beneath you. If you leave your “liege” or leader, you will KEEP those 30 sub members when you move. That means the #1 alliance can suddenly lose 1/5 of its total members and power in an instant if one of the tier 1 officers decides to start off on his own. This creates an extremely interesting game dynamic. I personally have seen multiple #1 alliances break apart into 3 or more smaller alliances over a title dispute, etc.
  2. Seats of Power – In your typical base builder, there is one stupid goal in the middle of the map that everyone fights over after a couple week peace period at the start of each new region or realm or kingdom, whatever. In Game of Thrones Conquest, there are dozens of Seats of Power, not 1 single goal in the middle of the map. The entire map is built like Westeros, and you have regions like “The North” with the capital Winterfell, and 8 or 9 sub territories that all have to be captured and reinforced. When you own the territories in the region, you gain special buffs for your members. Also, owning any individual seat of power will give you 2 titles that can be given to your fellow allegiance members. These titles can give you 40% gather speed, 10% march speed, 60% Infantry defense, etc. Their buffs are amazing. So owning multiple seats of power now gives players a HUGE AMOUNT OF THINGS TO DO in game. This may become a problem at some point when new players stop joining each kingdom, so hopefully the developers are planning for kingdom merges down the road.
  3. Monsters give Amazing Rewards – Yes you heard it here! Monsters in GOT Conquest give fantastic rewards ranging from core building materials to armor crafting materials, resources, rare resources and HUGE amounts of experience for your lord. The Monsters killing system is also dynamic, so killing higher level monsters costs additional energy while giving enormously higher rewards. Almost every other base builder, killing monsters is boring and tedious and makes you want to shoot a kitten. *No kittens were harmed in the writing of this review*
GOT: Conquest 3 Biggest Cons:
  1. Building and Research materials are insanely difficult to obtain – Yes, if you do not spend $200-300 you are not going to level your keep past level 17/18. Ever. The building materials are horribly difficult to get, and after a certain level, every single building upgrade requires a huge amount of these. This would be a cool concept if the $100.00 packs did not give SO MANY of these materials. You can drop $100 and get as many materials as you would normally farm in 6 weeks. Because of these unbalanced packs and difficult materials, GOT: Conquest has created a bottleneck where almost all casual or free-to-play players are stuck at castle 15-17 and all spenders are at castle 26-30. To be fair, this is not much different from every single other base builder, but it is still frustrating.
  2. The Game Support system is miserable – I had an issue purchasing a pack several weeks ago, and to this date it still has not been resolved. Their support system is literally useless. I received a response within 48 hours which was good, but the support was so useless and unable to help me with my simple transaction. You would think that the support for players spending money would be half decent, or else who would want to spend money?
  3. The chat system is horrible – you have several confusing chat windows that want you to talk to the Kingdom, talk to your Liege only, talk to your allegiance, talk to your bannermen (people under you)… and you CAN’T SEND ANY PRIVATE MESSAGES??? WHAT? Yea. Fix this please, Jeez. The chat system is awful.
In Conclusion, Final Game Rating: 72/100
  • Graphics: Great, good semi-3D map movement
  • Audio: Not Bad
  • Gameplay: Enjoyable
  • Combat System: Great, relatively balanced
  • Customer Support: Very Poor
  • In-game packs: Over-powered, disappointing but expected
  • Potential: Huge if they redesign the chat system and add more features to Allegiances

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  1. I think they should issue an update with higher level farms an not make it to where it takes 24hrs to farm them like 1m farms an adjust to where your keep size can farm the bigger farms not anyone so smaller levels can’t finish fast but to where bigger levels can hang in.


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