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GOT: Conquest – How to attack enemy players with only 1 troop type

GOT: Conquest – How to attack enemy players with only 1 troop type

GOT: Conquest – How to Attack Enemy Players with Only 1 Troop Type

Let’s discuss a new combat theory that is quickly growing in popularity. Many players are starting to focus on attacking other players using 1 troop type. The traditional Troop Layering strategy (Click here for more info) has been the strongest formation up until this point, so lets break down this new combat theory point by point:

Basic Strategy

  • You can focus your Armor and Sciences on strengthening 1 main troop type. For this example, we will use Cavalry.
    • You might have +10% Infantry attack, +12% Archer attack and +45% Cavalry attack, as an example.
  • When you attack using this strategy, you will attack by sending only this strong unit type.
  • The thought process is if your units are stronger than their counter unit that an enemy has, your units will be able to power over their counterparts and massacre enemy troops
    • The counter to Cavalry are Infantry offensive and defense types, as well as Crossbow archer types.
    • Keep in mind that Melee Cavalry are much higher defense than Ranged Cavalry
  • This strategy can use other troop types than Melee Cavalry.
    • I have seen this strategy tried using infantry
    • I have seen this strategy tried using Ranged Siege


  1. This strategy works well for High level castles attacking against lower level castles
  2. This strategy will enable you to focus on creating 1 type of super troop, instead of trying to strengthen all troop types at once
  3. It is fun an innovative theorycrafting


  1. This strategy does not work against equal level castles, do not try it unless you want to donate 20,000 troops to the Morgue.
  2. This strategy will not work effectively if the enemy castle has a large amount of the counter units. For example, if you attack with 70,000 Cavalry, and the enemy has 200,000 offensive infantry, you will suffer huge losses.
  3. Your remaining troop types will be weak and your overall combat strength will suffer.

I hope you have enjoyed the recap of this new combat strategy. Give it a try if you like, it is definitely entertaining.

My final conclusion is that this strategy is mainly for big spenders who want to steer away from the main stream combat formations and try something new. If you are not a big spender who has much stronger troops than your opponents, I do not recommend this strategy for you. If you have any questions come hang out on Discord or on the forums by clicking here! 

Full Video Guide available here:

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