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GOT: Conquest – How to Train Troops with High Upkeep and Manage Food

GOT: Conquest – How to Train Troops with High Upkeep and Manage Food

Game of Thrones Conquest, how to manage food and how to Train Troops when you have very high upkeep

Hey ladies and gents, today I want to talk about the main strategy for managing your food and being able to train troops when you have enormous upkeep.

Currently I have an upkeep of about 200,000 food per hour and my Granary can protect up to 462,000 total food. This means that if I have 1 million food stockpiled, I will drop down to 462,000 food after 2 hours and 40 minutes +/-. Every 4.5 hours, I need to train new troops, and to train new troops it costs me approximately 550,000 food.

Can you see the dilemma?!

If you have the same upkeep as I do, you know how hard it is to manage your food properly.

Food Management 101

  1. With level 14 food plots x8, you can gain about 30,000 Food per Hour from your farms
  2. With 2 marches gathering (keep 1 march for monster killing or reinforcing) you can gain about 26,000 food per hour.
  3. Only collect the food from your Farm food plots within your castle when your gathering troops are returning
  4. Keep your Granary full of food but do not collect over that amount unless you are going to immediately train troops or research sciences
  5. Scout enemy players to find food stockpiles to loot
  6. Save the boxes of food from killing monsters for when you are ready to upgrade your castle or research expensive sciences, or heal your troops

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If you need further explanation, check out the below YouTube Video Guide!

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  1. How long does it take your farm’s load capacity to max out before you HAVE to gather the goods? You can’t really check to see how close it is to capacity unless you click on it, and then it empties.


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