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Iron Throne – Beginners Guide, Building and Research

Iron Throne / Iron Throne Beginners Guide

Your castle is the backbone of everything you do in Iron Throne. While building a powerful castle in Iron Throne you can easily take some missteps that make it a little more challenging. I want to provide you a blue print on how to get started from the beginning. So, you can make the most of all the resource, speed ups, and gold that you have.

Building – let’s start with the Basics

When first starting a new kingdom. You want to push to castle level 14 as quick as you can.

  • Castle 5 unlocks Dimensional battles. Pushing through the story mode here will provide a lot of needed rewards.
  • Castle 8 unlocks the Town mode. This takes a little longer to complete the story mode but provides great rewards and useful equipment.
  • Castle 12 unlocks Battle royal. Here you get to immediately jump into combat with other players in a complete evenly matched battle and learning how to fight.
  • Castle 14 unlocks Team death match. He you get to experience and learn how to work and fight as a team.

After castle 14 you focus on pushing to castle 25. Focus all your building around the hour events.  Only use speed ups to finish builds, researches, and troop training during the specific events that will give you points for completing them. That so import in keeping resource flowing, earning speed ups, and getting materials to make the premium equipment sets. You do not even have to place high in the events, just get enough points to unlock the rewards in the 3 chests.

Events, Events, Events!! I cannot say it enough. These events are broken down into hourly events, not like the day long events in other games. In other games, we used to save up and then try to cram all our building into one day to get points for the event. In Iron Throne, you should break it down more to get the most out of events

Castle 25 is easy to obtain with a little effort. So, from castle 14 to castle 25 just keep working on requirements to build the next level castle. The general building path that the game makes you follow by default requirements is solid. You really can’t go to wrong following that. I do recommend leveling up your command center after each new castle level. The additional troops are always beneficial in your marches. Upgrade your hall of war also if you are usually a rally leader.

The small buildings outside castle wall play a even more important role then in most games. While you are building to castle 25 only focus on leveling 1 specific building of each type outside your castle wall. If you want to level them all just a little bit that’s perfectly fine. But, you need to focus the bulk of resource and speed ups on castle requirements. Once you have completed castle level 25 then you can focus on raising all these additional buildings to level 25. All these buildings start to offer incredible additional bonuses for each level from 25 to 30.

As for how many total of each specific type you want to place… I recommend

  • 10x Hospitals because you need to have maximum space for wounded troops and this building offers 2-5% HP increase for each level from 25 to 30
  • 10x Barracks because this allows you to train maximum number of troops at a time and this building offers 2-5% troop defense for each level
  • 10x Silver mines because silver becomes one of the heavily needed resources when completing research at this point. It also offers 2-5% troop attack for each level.

Once you do achieve castle 30 and raise all 30 of these buildings to level 30 you will have an additional 150% troop hp, defense, and attack. You should definitely build 10 of each.

  • 4x Lumberyard because wood is a heavily used resource in the game and it also provides 3-5% archer training speed for levels 25-30.
  • 4x Quarry because stone is a very heavily used resource with larger requirements for buildings 25-30 and it offers 3-5% cavalry training speed for levels 25-30.
  • 1x Iron mine because iron is not as heavily used until you start training tier 6 troops. It also only offers a siege training speed bonus and we’re not training massive amounts of siege.
  • 1x Farm because if you are not opening all your food resource items and only opening what you need to complete specific buildings and training, you will have an overabundance of food. If you do open food resource items and do not use it all your troops will eat it and consume it all. This one does offer an infantry training speed bonus but I feel the advantages of having more of the other buildings out weights this benefit.

By the time, you complete all requirements for castle 26 you will have leveled everything up to 25. But, I also recommend staying at c25 for a while. The points required to open the 3 chests in events gets higher at castle 26. It’s easier rewards at castle 25. You can keep leveling the small buildings to 25 and at this point start focusing more on research to earn points for events.


Up until this point you will have been continuously having something researching in the academy all the time. But, now this is where you want to focus all your resource and speed ups.

You should be focusing on battle science to unlock higher troop statistics, more marches, and larger marches to compete in events and attack with. It’s a war game. So, you must focus here.

Other than that, just complete some of the easier researches requiring little resource and time. Such as construction speed, troop training speed and capacity, and a little of resource production and gathering, and monster hunting speed.

In crafting science, you do want to unlock all the equipment grade researches and then completely all 5 of the first enhancement level sciences. Those are very important in leveling your equipment up.

Troop training science is another very important one. It strengthens your solider statistical points. So, it’s as if you were really training a solider and making them tougher. The points are directly added to the hp, defense, and attack points of the base troop statistics. 

Troop training is my next big focus after unlocking my 7th march and maxing out the troop deployment and rally size sciences. 

So, in priority making the strongest army and equipment you can. Then next is whatever fits your play style the most. Do you want to be a big-time resource gatherer and producer, a master monster slayer, or a dimensional battle dominator?

During this time while you are chilling at castle 25 filling out your castle and research you should be saving all the gold you can get from these events. You are going to start need millions of gold on your path to castle 30. DO NOT use gold for speeding your marches or anything else. You will need a lot war trumpets, kindling, shackles, and maesters compasses. The only way to acquire these is through events, purchasing packs, or using gold to get them. If you are getting close to unlocking VIP 22 its okay to go ahead and get that unlocked. That will save you gold in the long run with the permanent VIP status and free talent switches. 

Thanks for reading everyone, if you have any questions come join us in the forums by clicking HERE, or join in our RTSMobile discord at this link:

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