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Iron Throne, Beginners Guide – Events, Skills & Alliances

Iron Throne / Iron Throne Beginners Guide

Events, skills, and finding the right team to play for

Today we are talking about how to get a good start in Iron Throne when beginning in a new kingdom. Doing a series of 3 videos and this Video and Iron Throne Beginners Guide is about buildings and research!

EventsIron Throne Beginners Guide

Understanding and playing the events to the best of your ability is crucial to growing in the game. The easiest way to making the most of this game is to follow the hourly, daily, and weekly events. There are events going on all the time, 24 hours a day. Every hour there is an event you can get rewards from.

The great thing is the events are spread throughout the day evenly, allowing everyone equal opportunity to squeeze in multiple events where it fits in their personal schedule.

The key to these events is, instead of trying to win one big event daily. You are trying to just complete as many smaller events throughout the day as you can. So, it’s about making 1,000 small victories rather than one huge victory

You don’t even need to rank high in the events. Its great if you can do that but it’s more important to just get enough points to unlock all 3 of these chest in multiple events then win the #1 ranking in just one event.

Doing this will help provide the resource, speed ups, and action points to complete more and more events. Do not go blow everything all at once

Playing the events like that is even more important when it comes to getting materials for making good equipment, which is a huge factor in this game. So, start paying attention to the rotation of events and making small victories to get those rewards stacking up

Let’s talk about a couple things that can help in these events. That’s your lord skill level, skill points, and VIP level.

Lord Level

Your lord level determines how many skill points you have to put towards certain skills in the game. Currently, there is no magic number on what lord level you want to push for. I think the most important thing about lord level is, how you level up, when you level up, and how you place your skill points earned from leveling up. 

The game gives a good amount of EXP points, especially for completing researches. Save your EXP point items and any +25% EXP gain items until you are close to the next lord level.

Be sure and use the +25% experience gain item before opening your experience items. You’ll gain an additional 25% EXP just from opening the items after using this item.

Each time you increase your lord level your AP (Action Points) will completely regenerate to 100% full right away. So be sure and use your AP (action points) each time before leveling up your lord level. Very helpful in getting a lot of AP for monster and stronghold killing. Especially in the early game when your lord level is increasing rapidly.

Then when creating your lord skill presets I recommend creating a maximum march, troop attack, monster mash, construction/research, and troop training preset. Placing skill points into those specific areas for each one. Then you can switch between presets to give you maximum bonus for what you are trying to do. It costs 1000 gold to switch between the presets until you are level 22 VIP, then it becomes free.


VIPIron Throne Beginners Guide

VIP also offers skill and bonuses that will help you in the game. However, these skills are all effective at once if your VIP status is active. Each time you level up your VIP you gain incremental increase in skill effectiveness.

Important VIP levels:

VIP 12 provides 1 additional march of deployed troops

VIP 21 provides permanent VIP. That’s right you will never need activate VIP items again.

VIP 22 provides free lord skill change. I love this one. Switching lord skill presets is now free, instead of costing 1,000 gold.

VIP 21 and 22 will take a fair amount of effort to achieve but the quicker you achieve this VIP level the quick they will pay themselves off by saving you a lot of gold.

Finding the right team to play for

Skills alone will not be all that you need to become a master of events in Iron Throne. You are going to need some friends. Picking the right active alliance can really elevate your game play experience. It also is very important to find other very active players with similar goals. Team work is crucial in alliance events and in rallying defiled strongholds on the kingdom map. The stronger castles can rally defiled strongholds on the map. Everyone in your alliance can earn millions and millions of resources every day just by joining these rallies. Even the smallest players.

There are some key things you want to look for when searching the players and alliance you want to play with. Click on the “more” button on the bottom right hand corner of screen Then click on rank. Here is a list of different ranking categories for every player and alliance in your kingdom.

Under the alliance tab you want to keep an eye on the power, kills, battles won, rally battles won, resource collected, and monsters killed rankings. I feel like these are generally the best indicators of active alliances.

You also want to keep an eye on the lord rankings over here. Sometimes early in the kingdom you have some really good players out in smaller alliances or by themselves doing their own thing. They are feeling out and reading the kingdom just like you are.

You want to keep an eye on power, kills, battles won, destroyed enemy power, rally battles won, resources collected, and monsters killed rankings.

Power usually indicates a fast grower. The different kill rankings usually indicate aggressive experienced fighters. The resource collected and monsters killed rankings usually indicate who the grinders. All of which are important in a good alliance.

If you can’t decide on which alliance you want to join initially, start reaching out to some of the people in those rankings to start making connections and maybe that will help you make your decision. It’s a game of strategy but it’s also a game of relationships. Get out there and met some people

So, stay on top of those events, use your skills and bonuses to the best of your ability, and find some great active friends and you be cruising right along in Iron Throne.

Thanks for reading everyone, if you have any questions come join us in the forums by clicking HERE, or join in our RTSMobile discord at this link:

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