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Iron Throne / Iron Throne Beginners Guide

Iron Throne Beginners Guide – Fastest Way to Increase Power

Iron Throne Beginners Guide – Fastest Way to Increase Power

Iron Throne Beginners Guide – Fastest Way to Increase Power

iron throne guide

I always see these Iron Throne videos talking about how to raise your power. But, power is only a general snap shot of how strong you may be. There is so many variables that go into it. Here are the different ways you can generate power in Iron Throne.

Troop power: Each troop in your castle increases your power. Each tier is worth a different amount of power ranging from 3 to 10 power per troop.

iron throne guide

Trap power: Each trap in your castle increases your power. Each tier is worth a different amount of power ranging from 3 to 10 power per trap. This is generally the smallest percentage of your power as the number of traps in the castle is limited.

Building power: Every time to place and new building or level up a building it will increase your power. You can see the power increase for each building level by clicking on the building and clicking more.

Research power: Every time you complete a new research or level on up your power increases. You can see the power increase for each research level by clicking on the research and then clicking the exclamation button.

Lord level: Each time you level up your lord level your power will increase. The amount of power gained from this is small.

Equipment: Power gained from equipment is determined by what equipment you have placed on all your unlocked heroes combined. The more heroes you have unlocked, the more slots you can have to add equipment and increase your power. The type of equipment worn by heroes plays factor to the amount of power increased. The economy, world, and misc. equipment generates the lowest amounts of power. Battle equipment generates more power. The conqueror, destroyer, dominator, and guardian sets are going to give you the largest power gain, over the gladiator and berserker sets. The grade of equipment also plays a factor to this. Basic and common grades will give the lowest increase. While immortal will give the largest increase.

You can see what each of these separate power levels are by clicking on your avatar and then scrolling down the statistics to Total Power.

On a strong and well-rounded castle your research power should be highest. Your building power, troop power, equipment power will be closer to matching. Your troop power may be a little higher than your building power. Your lord level power and trap power will be much power in power.

I do not put much into thought into someone’s initial power ranking. I want to see battle reports and statistics before I decided how strong I think someone is. Someone maybe what I call peacocking or building a paper tiger.

Example A: Is a strong citadel 26 with a good amount of t3, t4, t5 troops. They have 7 heroes with all immortal enhanced equipment generating great battle statistics. They have high level research completed on battle statistics.

Example B: Is someone peacocking. They have a citadel 24 with hundreds of millions of t1 and t2 because its cheap and fast to training a lot of these generating a lot of power. They do have a small amount of t3 and t4. They have 13-14 heroes all with rare purple battle equipment. They used purple rare because placing them on all 13-14 heroes generates more power than having 2-3 heroes with enhanced immortal that gives them good battle statistics. Their research is spotty at best, with only portions of battle science completed.

The player in example B is more concerned about their overall power level, fanning their feathers like a peacock. The player in example is a competitive fighter that’s concerned about their statistics and power levels do not mean much to them. I’m going to pick example a to have my back in a fight over example b any day. There are players that build traps with a ton of lower tier troops. They generally do not focus on pushing their castle level higher. But, the decent ones have excellent battle research and equipment.

I think the take away is to no worry about your power to much. Push to unlock higher tier troops while focusing on battle research and equipment. Don’t be that player that has 1.7 billion power then when you get zeroed your power drops all the way to 300 million because ¾ of your power was lower tiered troops. Don’t be the paper tiger or the peacock, because real tigers are just waiting to pounce and rip you to pieces.  

Thanks for reading everyone, if you have any questions about these Heroes come join us in the forums by clicking HERE, or join in our RTSMobile discord at this link:

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