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Iron Throne – VIP Fundamentals

Iron Throne – VIP Fundamentals

Iron Throne VIP Fundamentals

VIP is a status in game that grants bonuses like shortening construction time, increasing resource production rates, increasing battle statistics,

You get more bonuses the higher your VIP level. To increase your points, you can earn or buy VIP points in game. You also need to keep you VIP activated to receive the benefits of it.

Below is a chart of VIP bonuses gained with each VIP level.

The most important VIP levels that you want to push to achieve are levels 12, 15, 21, and 22.

You gain an additional march of troops and additional lord skills presets at levels 12 and 15. Then at level 21 your VIP status becomes permanently activated, you will never need to use activation items or gold for VIP. Then at level 22 you unlock my favorite skill in all the VIP levels and that’s FREE lord skills preset switches. Usually, it costs 1,000 gold to switch and I switch skills probably a dozen times a day. So, that saves us a lot of gold.

I also recommend being extremely thrifty with gold and save as much as possible for the construction materials that will be needed to achieve the higher castle levels. But, in this case I say VIP 21 and 22 is a very good investment. The faster you unlock this the faster it will pay itself off in gold saved.

Gold is not the only way you can get points though. There is about 6 ways you can earn VIP points to increase your level.

Iron Throne Guide

Buy points with gold: You can purchase any of the VIP items with gold. But, saving up and purchasing the 50,000 VIP point item for 47,000 gold. That’s less then 1,000 gold per 1,000 points. Refrain from purchasing the smaller ones. To purchase 50,000 VIP points using the smaller 100 VIP point time it would cost you 100,000 gold. That’s double the cost of purchasing the larger 50,000 VIP item.

Points earned from consecutive log-ins: Once you have logged in for 7 consecutive days you will receive 3000 VIP a day if you are still logging in every day.

VIP Daily Quests: You can collect 3000 VIP points a day by completing all the daily quests

Daily Town Mode Quests: Can collect 1000 VIP points a day by completing the daily quests

Merchant: Here you can purchase VIP points with gold, but it’s often at a discounted rate

Alliance shop: VIP points can be purchased with alliance honor points in the Alliance shop

You can earn 7,000 VIP points daily just by logging in and completing daily tasks. The rest is up to you how you want to use your gold and alliance honor points.

Iron Throne Guide

Another perk of having VIP activated and leveled up is the VIP shop. It’s like the regular item shop, however a lot of these items are sold at a discount. But, they are limited on how many of each item you can purchase each day.

I purchase all the AP I can here every day. I also like going to the VIP shop to buy the 35% Monster attack increase items. The bonus on these is larger than the Monster attack items in the regular shop.

Iron Throne Guide

The resource in the VIP shop can also be purchased for a cheaper amount of gold then the regular item shop. But, do not ever buy resource with gold. You can go out and attack chaotic and defiled strongholds for millions of resources. Have patience my young padawan!

Thanks for reading everyone, if you have any questions about these Heroes come join us in the forums by clicking HERE, or join in our RTSMobile discord at this link: 

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