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Iron Throne / Iron Throne - Lord Skills, VIP & Base Building / Iron Throne Beginners Guide

Iron Throne – Lord Level and Skills

Iron Throne – Lord Level and Skills

Iron Throne – Lord Level and Skills

Your lord level in the game determines how many skill points you have available. The maximum lord level in Iron Throne is currently level 80. Each time you level up you earn a few more skill points. Those skill point can be used in the skill tree to allow you to determine which skills you have available.

You raise your lord level my gaining XP (experience points). You can earn XP in many ways to level up your lord level. You can construct buildings, complete challenges, and complete research’s, all of which provides lord XP.

Within the skill tree you can use your skill points to active skills that will help you with battle and the economy of your citadel. The battle skills can improve your strength in combat and in attacking monsters. The economy skills can help with everything from resource production and gathering, construction speed, research speed, and many troop training related skills.

Once you have unlocked the lord skill presets, you can position points in 5 different arrangements of skills. Then you can quickly switch between the different presets as needed. The 5 specifically skill presets that I like to build, is one to maximize march size, one for attack and defense bonuses, one for monster killing, one for construction and research, and the final one to maximize troop training. Some may also set a specific gathering and resource production skill preset but I find I do good on resource even without it.

I like that they allow you to customize the name of each preset so you can easily identify which is which.

Quick tip: You can use your maximum march increase preset when you begin marching towards an enemy target to allow for a larger march of troops. After the troops have departed you can switch to the attack/defense preset to give those troops better statistics.

It does cost 1,000 gold each time you switch between lord skill points. However, once you achieve VIP level 22 it becomes free to switch. On a normal day, I easily switch 12 times or so.

Now let’s talk about how to quickly and efficiently level up your lord level.

You can get Lord XP items using gold. I would wait until after you have achieved VIP level 22 and completed construction on citadel 30 before investing any gold on lord level. There is plenty of other ways to earn XP. VIP 22 is very important in saving you gold when switching skill presets and citadel 30 requires some expensive construction materials along the way that gold can help with.

Daily Quests contain some Lord XP. That’s as simple as checking in every 4 hours that your awake and collecting the quest rewards.

VIP Daily Quests also contain 300,000 Lord XP daily for completing all the daily quests there.

In Town mode, you can collect over 900,000 Lord XP by completing all the Epic quests

You also receive XP when constructing buildings, completing researches, and completing challenges.

We also have some challenges for completing specific actions in the game such as completing specific buildings. These offer great XP and resource rewards. I recommend not collecting the rewards until you really need it. There is a deeper reason for not collecting those rewards right after earning them though.

Iron Throne - Lord Level and Skills

In Iron Throne, we have a XP boost item. You can easily find them in the alliance shop and purchase with alliance honor. Once activating the +25% XP boost item and XP earned and all XP items opened during the next 24 hours will grant you 25% more XP than normal.

Very helpful item to use when you are planning to do a lot of research science one day, because researches typically provide a good amount of XP.

Also, do not open those XP items that you earn every day. Save them up until you are getting closer to the next level. Then use your 25% XP boost item and open them up all at once to earn the maximum amount you possibly can.

Iron Throne - Lord Level and Skills

Before you do level up your lord level, be sure you use all your AP (action points) by killing monsters, attacking chaotic strongholds, and attacking defiled strongholds.

When your lord level increases your AP, points will immediately regenerate to 100% full. So, also be sure that you have your lord skill preset for Maximum AP so it will regenerate the maximum amount of AP for you also. This is especially important in the early game when your lord levels are increasing rapidly. You can earn a lot of extra AP this way.

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