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PapaNasty’s Champion Specializations

PapaNasty’s Champion Specializations

With your champion points, there are a variety of different specialization paths you can take, often referred to as:

  • Ritual / Construction / Gather Spec – This is a spec designed primarily to reduce your construction and ritual timers, you should be able to spec into it from around level 30. Additional points are then placed in the first tier of troop production speed (Because this first tier is amazingly efficient) and in slave driver for faster gathering. With the gathering portions maxed out, you can gather from level 6 nodes in around 1h 10minutes.
    • Key Skills – Rituals I & II, Construction I & II & Slave Driver I & II
  • Troop Spec – This is a spec designed primarily to pump out lots of troops quickly by filling the second tier of troop speed talents. With this spec you’ll produce troops roughly 1/3 faster than with only the first tier of troop production speed e.g. With just tier 1 troop production speed, 700 of a unit takes over 11 hours, but with the second tier of troop production speed as well, this is reduced to around 7 and a half hours.
    • Key Skills – Infantry Training Speed I & II, Monster & Beasts Training speed I & II (Or of course Chariot & Cavalry Training Speed I & II if you wanted to produce cavalry/chariots).
  • Battle Spec – This is a spec designed for war or for heavy duty farming. It focuses on taking skills that will increase your troop’s effectiveness in battle. In particular, talents which give +Attack generally provide a huge advantage, and are what’s required if you want to farm level 6 or 7 greenskins/dwarfs without taking high casualties.
    • Key Skills – Cruel Lashes II will give +55% melee & ranged attack, which increases the chance of each attack being a hit. It should be just as important as a stat as damage, but the percentage gains for each point spent on the talent are much higher for attack because there is an II version for attack but not for damage.
  • Hybrid Specs – There are of course specializations which combine aspects from each of the above specs, in particular battle and troop, since they both go down the left hand side of the tree. It’s much much more difficult to combine a spec which is good for construction/rituals, and battle/troops, although a gathering & combat, or gathering and troop spec could be viable.

Changing Specs

Changing specs costs 1000 warpstone each time, and so it can potentially get expensive. However, you can potentially get the best of multiple specs all at once, and avoid having to change specs if you plan well.

As if you start a new building or ritual while in building/ritual spec, you will receive the benefits of that spec even if you change to another spec later.

So what it’s often a good idea, is that while in building/ritual spec you should start the next level of your keep, and at the same time queue up 2 long duration rituals and another long duration building. With good planning, you can have all of your building/ritual queue slots filled for 5+ days, which then allows you to change to troop spec or battle spec, while still receiving the full benefits of ritual/building spec at the same time.

There isn’t much more advice I can give regarding managing your ritual/construction queues and specs, as the times vary so much with each building/ritual. Good management of queues is one of the key skills within this game.

But also remember, that while you’re in building/ritual spec, you will usually also have fast gathering too because of slave driver, and so you should “make hay while the sun shines”, and try to harvest large stockpiles of resources while you are gathering quickly. You should aim to be in a position where, if needed, you could not harvest for a week or more and still not run out of resources.

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