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PapaNasty’s Combat Systems

PapaNasty’s Combat Systems

Below you will find the Combat Systems Guide for Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest written by PapaNasty, if you have any questions hop into the RTSMobile Discord today <3

In Chaos & Conquest the combat reports are only a summary of what happened in the battle, and the finer details of combat haven’t been revealed, only a very general description. Below is a link to that general description:

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Some of what’s in the description we can’t necessarily take at face value, as they have tried to explain what is essentially a complicated system, in an easy to understand manner, and thus it’s possible that some of the details may be imprecise. But it should give you a good idea on how things work (And it’s official, so maybe better than me just explaining it).

In the November patch this was changed, and now units fight in the order of:

  • Lowest to Highest Tier > Melee ahead of Ranged > Defence ahead of Troops > Highest Moral > Order of Selection.

Unit Classes: Each unit type can be given a “class”, of either tank, melee dps or ranged dps. Some melee dps also make quite solid tanks. But here is a simplified list of T3 units for you:

  • Best Tanks: Chaos Giants > Slaughterbeasts > Chaos Warriors > BloodCrushers > Plaguebearers > Demonettes
  • Best Melee DPS: Chaos Warriors >> Demonettes > BloodCrushers > SlaughterBeasts > Chaos Giants > Plaguebearers
  • Best Ranged DPS: Chaos Warriors² > HellCannons > Chaos Ogres > Pink Horrors
  • Best DPS: Chaos Warriors >> Demonettes³ > Blood Crushers³ > Hellcannons³ > Chaos Ogres³ > Pink Horrors > Slaughterbeasts > Chaos Giants > Plaguebearers

²* It’s theoretically possible to change Chaos Warriors into ranged DPS via selective buffs. It requires some specific buffs though and so is unlikely to happen, but I’ve added them to this list just to show how awesome Chaos Warriors are.*

³* These 3 units are reasonably close on damage now that Ogres have been buffed. Also the list is based purely on combat stats and doesn’t include warlord bonuses or rituals/spec etc. Since Demonettes & Blood Crushers usually won’t benefit from warlord bonuses (Unless with a Khorne or Slaanesh warlord), Chaos Ogres & Hell Cannons (as undivided) are usually stronger if you have a max level Chaos Sorcerer or a 3+ souls Mounted Exalted Hero.*

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