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PapaNasty’s Vanquish Build

PapaNasty’s Vanquish Build

Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest

Below is how I’ve specced for vanquishing foes, and I believe it’s one of the most efficient specializations for the amount of points which I have.

If you don’t have as many points available as I do (My champion is level 43), then I’d recommend prioritizing the following:

  • Champion Recovery I – 3/3
  • Vanquish Damage I – 15/15
  • Inhuman Vigour I – 3/15
  • Boundless Stamina I – 3/15
  • Champion Recovery – 3/3
  • Inhuman Vigour – 3/25
  • Boundless Stamina II – 25/25

The above spec, or as close as you can get to it, is the most efficient spec for a lower level champion, as it includes maximum damage, stamina recovery and maximum stamina.

If you still have points remaining, then I recommend going for:

  • Vanquish Speed – 3/15
  • Flurry of Attacks I – 3/15

This will allow you to make a maximum of 8 attacks, rather than just 5. Combined with Boundless Stamina II, you can then likely kill level 5 foes with a full 8 hits, and possibly level 6 foes too depending on your level and equipment.

After these points, I then placed my spare points into Inhuman Vigour, as I’m online a lot so reducing the stamina of each attack helps me. However, if you aren’t online as often, then you could go for Boundless Stamina I, and maybe an extra point in flurry of attacks if needed, then when you do come online you’ll have a larger pool of stamina to try and kill foes in a single march.

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  1. Looks great!


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