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Solo Attack WITH Lord Level 38 Skill

Solo Attack Skill Shot – Castle 30 P5

Solo Attack Skill Shot – Castle 30 P5

Read through the Troop Philosophy section first and be ready to adapt this standard formation as needed. Come visit us on the Forums or Chat group with questions! This is the formation for Clash of Kings and Clash of Kings The West Solo attack with Lord level 38 “Help” skill, using your castle level 30 P5.

Keep in mind that this formation will be very different from previous troop layers. When you unlock the special P5 troop abilities, your T8 and T10 Archers become your strongest damage dealers, with your Cavalry and Siege as the backup.

    • Solo Attack, Lord 38 Skill – CASTLE  30 P5, March Size (With Buffs and Average Sciences): 462,000
      • Infantry
        • Tier 10, Shield: 85,000
        • Tier 9, Pike: 25,000
      • Archer
        • Tier 10, Longbow: 180,000
        • Tier 9, Crossbow: 10,000
        • Tier 8, Longbow: 60,000
      • Cavalry:
        • Tier 10, Charging: 40,000
        • Tier 9, Ranged: 20,000
      • Siege:
        • Tier 10, Ranged: 30,000
        • Tier 9, Siege: 12,000

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  1. Why the tier 9 siege and archers

  2. You want a complete layer for a balanced formation, the siege will help soak damage as well as damage infantry with their P5 ability, the t9 archers will fill that additional archer layer.

    The t9 archers are the least useful unit in this formation, you can elect not to send them, and to send additional T10 and T8 archers if you like. Just be careful of sending too many T10 archers, because their effectiveness will scale down with quantity.


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