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The Best Attack Strategy for keeps level 14 to 17 – Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest!

Warhammer C&C - Combat

What’s going on ladies and gents, here is a video and a written guide to help you make the strongest attacks you can for Warhammer Chaos and Conquest, keep level 14 to 17!

Let’s get right into it, if you don’t have time for the video link on this post, here is the strategy!

On a troop march of 60,000 size, you want to send the following mixture of troops,:

  • 40,000 Chaos Giants (train at level 14)
  • 20,000 Hell Cannon (train at level 14)

To balance your march, if you want to send some chaos ogres you can, but done send more than 5-10k.

Now let’s talk about Why!

Keep level 14:

  • You unlock Chaos Giants at your Bestiary
  • Their troop type is Monstrous Beasts
  • (See all troop sorted by tier, level requirements and type at this page: )
  • These guys are super strong, train tons of these, you will be using these troops until level 20!

Keep level 15

  • You unlock Hellcannons at training grouns
  • Troop type Monsters
  • Very high damage
  • Train a bunch of these they will be your strongest ranged attack unit for a while
  • You unlock Chaos Ogres at the Dungeon
  • Troop type monstrous infantry
  • These guys are good but you won’t use a ton of them until level 20. During defense, these guys will take damage early on in a fortress attack due to their infantry type, so they are very strong for fortress defense.

The important part of this is their troop types!

If you notice in your Champion skills, Monster, Monstrous Beasts and Warbeasts share in the buffs, so if you give skill points or complete a ritual to help one of them, it will help all 3 types!

This is insanely optomized at this tier 3 unit level because most of your troops will be Monsters if some variation!

So long story short, I know you’re busy, buff your Monsters, Monstrous Beasts and Warbeasts for keep level 14-17 attack strategy!

Thanks for reading, love you long time!

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