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Total Warfare: Epic Three Kingdoms – GAME REVIEW

Total Warfare: Epic Three Kingdoms – GAME REVIEW

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, today I want to talk about a BRAND NEW hero and base builder game that is sweeping the world. Already one of the most popular new games in Asia, Total Warfare: Epic Three Kingdoms is launching the Open Beta for their English language version of the game in the NEXT FEW DAYS!

Total Warfare: Epic Three Kingdoms is SOLID, FRESH Gameplay with great features and content that has not been combined before

That’s right, this is not a Knockoff of COK or GoT or any of those older base builder types. Total Warfare: ETK is the real deal with a ton of new features that really center around heroes and being active. I’m going to let you in on a secret right now, big spenders can jump a few castles ahead of you, but Lord Skill Points, the biggest stat bonuses in the game, come from being ACTIVE and participating in the daily server events. Yes! Finally a game developer who address the impossible problem with all current base builders! You cannot purchase Lord Skill Points, they can ONLY be earned by daily activity, so an active non-spender will actually be stronger than a mega-whale. 

What can you expect as a player?

I’ve played the closed BETA for 2 weeks, and played the Indonesian Server for 5 weeks now, so I have a pretty good feel of the game so far:

  • Hundreds of unique heroes of various quality that are not easy to obtain
    • You assign heroes to do everything, like:
      • to train each type of troop,
      • to gather each resource in the base,
      • to speed up upgrades,
      • to research sciences
    • Each hero has 5 stats, some heroes are for fighting, some are not.
  • INSANE amounts of free gold and Legendary heroes for Free in your first week of playing
    • around $50 value in free gold, 2x priceless Legendary heroes
  • Lots of boosts to new players for speedups and resources after completing each stage of the main quest line
  • A detailed and intriguing story line that continues all the way into the upper Home City levels.
  • Daily and Weekly events that give huge rewards and promote alliance team work and activity
  • Attacking enemies and enemy alliance Cities is not done by teleporting. A big spender can not drop $100 and just bounce around your base. You have to spend the time to march to the location, build a fort for 2 hours (that you can NOT speed up construction) and then start attacking enemy players or cities with the troops you hide inside of your fort. Extremely cool new combat style, makes combat 10x more fun and much more strategic.

5 Favorite Aspects Total Warfare: ETK

  1. Huge room for combat strategy, when you will send from 3 to 15 heroes, each hero can only bring a few thousand troops with them, and each hero has a unique bonus or skill. Every attack can be different, to counter your enemy 100%.
  2. Massive first Week and first Month boosts to new players, including at least $50 in free gold (ingots) and tons of free heroes.
  3. Balance against the Whales! A Whale can not buy lord skill points, so an active player will ACTUALLY be stronger than someone who logs on twice a day and spends $500 / day! AMAZING!
  4. Almost as good graphics as iron throne, but with 5x better game play.
  5. Tons of in game events promoting Alliance team work, really builds a family very quickly.

3 Biggest Complaints for ETK

  1. Your troops die when attacking monsters and NPCs, so don’t attack a monster that is too high level or you can lose a whole march of troops!
  2. Hero relic (equipment) is too hard to get right now. Right now it takes 6-8 hours to get 1 piece, and that piece has a chance to be common to rare quality. To get epic quality Relics is almost impossible and the legendary gear… after playing for almost 2 months I have 3 epic gears and 1 legendary gear. Since each hero can use 1 relic, it will take me 5 years to get my first 100 heroes with Epic or better gear!
  3. The in-game voice chat is a new idea, but a little weird the way it is set up right now. My first day on the Indonesian server I was listening to some lady yell at a cat for 10 minutes until I figured out how to mute her. Could be very useful in a team fight though.

Overall Rating: 92/100

Great work, super excited for the full english version release.

Check out their following links!

Thanks for reading. <3 If you have comments or suggestions for future reviews please join us in the forums by clicking HERE!

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