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Total Warfare: ETK – City War Basics

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Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen. Today I want to discuss the Best Strategies for City Wars in Total Warfare: Epic three kingdoms. Let’s jump right into these City War Basics.

What is a City War?

City Wars are when an alliance fights to capture a main city on the global map. Often multiple alliances will fight over the best cities, because those cities give amazing bonuses. City Wars typically happen for one single hour every day, at a set server time. During this hour, alliances will gain event points for killing an enemy City, defending one of their own cities, and killing enemy troops in the City War.

What are the rewards?

The rewards for participating in the daily city war are massive and extremely important useful. The three best rewards are:

  1. Rank 1 alliance will gain 500 ingots and lots of resources and hero recruitment items every week.
  2. Troop Recruitment! Many cities have unique units that are stronger than units trained in your base, and can only be recruited when you occupy the City.
  3. Free purple (epic) heroes after achieving high enough points!

Give me some City War Basics!

Okay! Here are the basic things you need to know about City Wars!

  • Every rally you land on the city will reduce the total defense points and kill some of the interior defending troops.
  • The alliance to land the final blow during the City War and reduces the defense points to 0 will occupy the city until the following day’s city war.
  • A city that has not been occupied by an alliance still has thousands of troops in it, so don’t attack alone!
  • Do not send more than 10% of your army as Chariots. Send mainly Infantry, Cavalry and Archers.
  • Do not attack the City using armies of only Chariots, make sure you send no more than 1 march of chariots and 2-3 marches of Infantry, Cavalry and Archers.
  • Be ready because many of your troops will die or go to your hospital! Make sure to check your hospital regularly to continue healing troops and make more room!
  • Make sure you send troops to garrison and repair your new City’s defense once you capture a new City! Or you will lose it in the next City War!

What is the Best Strategy for City Wars?

The #1 best strategy for fighting a City War is what I like to call Ocean of Forts. The main points to follow are:

  • Have everyone in your alliance build a Fort in a tight cluster at the coordinates of the City you want to capture! You need an active alliance with at least 24 or so people online and ready to fight. Building a fortress takes at least 2 hours, and can not be accelerated, so make sure your alliance plans ahead!
  • If enemies are building forts near the City you want to capture, start rallies IMMEDIATELY to kill their troops and break their forts. Do not wait for them to build many forts and contest you.
  • Once your fort is full, you should be able to send another large group of soldiers to fill it up. If your fort can hold 60,000 troops, and you only send 20,000 to build it, you will send 40,000 more.
  • Fill the rallies and send them at one time to attack the city. This should reduce 15% per 3 attacks, or 5% defense per attack.
  • Every 3 rallies, send additional troops to your fort to make the marches as efficient as possible. After 6-8 rallies, your troops will mostly be dead, so you want to keep refreshing the total inside your fort!
  • When the city has 15% remaining, coordinate 3 rallies at one time, and send all three full rallies to attack the City within 5 seconds of eachother. This is so enemy alliances can not steal your city victory.

Thanks for reading everyone, I’ll keep this short and sweet. If you liked the guide, feel free to subscribe to us on Youtube or visit the forums by clicking HERE!

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