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Total Warfare: ETK – How to level up Hero Skills

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Hero Skills are extremely important in Total Warfare: Epic Three Kingdoms. Check out this quick guide to leveling and skill types to make sure you maximize your hero skills and dominate other players.

What are Hero Skills?

  • Hero skills are special abilities that heroes of Epic and Legendary quality have.
  • Epic heroes have 1 skill, Legendary heroes have 2 skills.
  • There are at least 20 Unique Skills, if not more that we have not discovered yet!
    1. Sight – Reduce time required for treasure hunts (Relic discovery). Max – 10%
    2. Enrichment – Gain bonus to silver production when dispatched to Village. Max – 20%
    3. Prosperity – Gain bonus to food production when dispatched to Village. Max – 20%
    4. Military Talent – When hero is main hero in legion, increase troop total. Max – 20%
    5. Foresight – Reduce time required for trick research. Max – 20%
    6. Empty Fort – All soldiers in legion gain bonus defense. Max – 10%
    7. Precision – Increase mining efficiency. Max – 20% (stacks to 100%)
    8. Prediction – Enhance trickery effects. Max – 50%
    9. Insight – Increase chance to discover multiple heroes on Headhunt. Max – 10%
    10. Connection – Reduce time required for Headhunt (Hero discovery). Max – 10%
    11. Peerless – All soldiers in legion gain bonus attack. Max – 10%
    12. Reservation – Chance to discover multiple relics from treasure hunt. Max – 10%
    13. Iron Wall Cavalry – Increase Cavalry defense in Legion. Max – 20%
    14. Raise Cavalry – Increase Cavalry Attack in Legion. Max – 20%
    15. Iron Wall Infantry – Increase Infantry defense in Legion. Max – 20%
    16. Raise Infantry – Increase Infantry attack in Legion. Max – 20%
    17. Iron Wall Archer – Increase Archer defense in Legion. Max – 20%
    18. Raise Archer – Increase Archer Attack in Legion. Max – 20%
    19. Divine Force – Increase movement speed of Legion. Max – 40%
    20. Phoenix Grace – Increase cap of drill grounds maximum soldiers. Max – 10%

How do I level up hero skills?

You level up your hero skills by using Strategy I, Strategy II and Strategy III items. These items can be gained through in-game events, as well as by Dismissing headhunt heroes.

If you head hunt 10 heroes, and decide you don’t like them and want to dismiss them, you will gain 3 Strategy for each hero you dismiss. The strategy gained will be random but attributed to their rarity. If you dismiss many Green heroes, you may only gain Strategy I or maybe a couple Strategy II. If you dismiss Blue or higher hero, you will gain more of the higher level Strategy items. Each skill level required dozens of strategy items, so it will take some time to level everything up.

You can level the individual hero skill by selecting the hero you want, and go to the bottom right hand corner of the hero menu. You will see their skills, and if you have a little green arrow flashing on the skill, that means you have enough Strategy items to level it up. Simply click the skill and select Upgrade.

I recommend saving your Strategies until you get an Orange hero that you like, then use the items to level your Legendary hero skills. Since Legendary Orange heroes have 2 skills each, you can have a much stronger legion.

Thanks for reading everyone, if you have any questions come join us in the forums by clicking HERE, or join in our discord at this link: 



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