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ETK Heroes / ETK Newbie Guide / Total Warfare: Epic Three Kingdoms

Total Warfare ETK – How to recruit Legendary Heroes!

Total Warfare ETK – How to recruit Legendary Heroes!

Total Warfare ETK – How to recruit Legendary Heroes! (Orange Hero)

total warfare hero guide

In today’s guide post, I want to go over the basics for how to recruit a Legendary or Orange hero in Total Warfare: Epic Three Kingdoms. There are a few basics to know or you will waste your time and money on Headhunting.

The Fundamentals

  • The hero you are Head hunting with needs to have CHR (charisma) of 85 or greater
    • If your hero has less than 85 charisma, you will NOT be able to recruit an orange hero
    • You will get the Epic, purple hero Cai Wenji for $1. She has 81 CHR to start. This is well worth spending $1, trust me.
      • Equip a Blue CHR relic to Cai Wenji to get her CHR to 85.
  • If your hero has greater than 90 CHR, you will have a chance to recruit 2-3 heroes when you headhunt, instead of just 1.
  • The Higher your CHR for your recruiting hero, the faster you will complete the headhunting
    • This also applies to spending Ingots or Gold to perform headhunt x 10.
      • If your CHR is over 90, you will recruit much faster and cost much less gold. You will ALSO be able to recruit multiple heroes.
        • If you recruit x10 with CHR > 90 you may actually recruit 12-15 instead of 10. It is a small % chance but it has happened for me already several times.
  • Once you have successfully discovered a Legendary Hero, you will see it costs 200 recruitment orders, or 2,000 ignots to recruit them.
    • You will also notice a simple quest at the bottom of the hero’s tool tip, which will REDUCE the required orders from 200 to 80
    • You will have around 2 days to complete this easy quest and make the Orange hero much cheaper to hire.

 total warfare guidetotal warfare guide



There are also two FREE Legendary heroes that you can get, by completing in-game free events. That’s right, FREE Orange heroes, all you have to do is log in every day for the first 7 days and complete some basic quests that you will be doing anyways while leveling your city.


You acquire this hero literally by logging on every day for the first 7 days. You will also get a free purple hero and tons of gold and resources for logging in the first 7 days. This guy is INSANELY powerful, starting with the following stats:

  • ATK: 96
  • LDR: 91
  • CHR: 81
  • INT: 76
  • POL: 65


You will get this hero by completing typical building level requirements to get your Castle to level 14. There are a total of 80 quests to complete, 10-12 quests will open each day, you have 7 days to complete around 65 of these quests. Completing 65 or so quests will give you the 80 required tokens to recruit this hero, you don’t need to complete all 80. You SHOULD complete all 80 quests if you can, because you will get TWO FREE ORANGE LEGENDARY RELICS in addition to this amazing hero. DO NOT ignore these quests in your first 7 days! GONGSUN ZAN’s basic stats are:

  • ATK: 83
  • LDR: 90
  • CHR: 77
  • INT: 70
  • POL: 46

Thanks for reading everyone, if you have any questions about these Heroes come join us in the forums by clicking HERE, or join in our RTSMobile discord at this link: 

Check out our youtube video for these two free orange heroes here:


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