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Warhammer C&C - Combat
Which Warlord is Strongest in Warhammer Chaos & Conquest?

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, Randy here with 1 more guide for ya, for Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest. Today I want to discuss which Warlords are the strongest and why, as well as cover the basic info you need to know.

Let’s jump right into it, How can you determine the Strongest warlord?

  • Rarity
    • This is probably common sense, but an Epic Warlord will most likely be stronger than a Core or “common” type Warlord.
    • This is due to several reasons, the first being that the higher rarity gives higher stat values to the Warlord bonuses (2.25% vs 1%, etc.)
    • The second reason is because a Core warlord only has 1 stat bonus, Uncommon and Rare warlords have 2 stat bonuses, and an Epic warlord has 3 stat bonuses.
    • The third reason is because the higher rarity warlords have higher base stats, for example an Epic warlord may have around 1500 attack damage, while a Core warlord may be stuck down in the 300 range.
  • Tier and Soul Level
    • A Warlord has a maximum of 5 tiers, and they typically start at tier 1 unless you get a higher level reward for some event or quest.
    • Within each tier, there are 5 levels you need to obtain before you can progress to the next tier. These levels are called Soul Levels.
    • Upgrading Soul levels costs you Warlord Honor tokens and Iron resources.
    • Upgrading Tier Levels costs Soul Fragments and Iron resources
    • A higher Soul level and higher Tier Warlord will have massively higher stats than a new warlord. For example:
      • tier 2 soul level 3 Doom Knight Melee Damage is: 2350
      • tier 1 soul level 1 Doom Knight Melee Damage is: 175
  • Type of stat bonuses provided
    • Essentially, if you are looking for a Warlord to attack with, you don’t need a stat bonus for Gathering quickly or holding more resources, right?
    • Types of Stat Bonuses currently in the game:
      • Overall: March Speed, March Load
      • Undivided: Ranged Attack, Moral, Armor, March Speed
      • Nurgle: Moral, Armor
      • Slaanesh: Melee Attack, Ranged Attack, Moral, March Speed, Health
      • Tzeentch: Ranged Attack, Moral
      • Khorne: March Speed, Armor, Melee Attack, Moral
    • So, some stat bonus combinations are better for certain types of units. If you are attacking with all melee troops, you want to send something that boosts your Melee damage and Survivability, you don’t want to send ranged damage and march speed.

Which Warlords are Strongest?

Good question! The strongest warlord available now are:

  • Keeper of Secrets
    • EPIC Rarity
    • Bonus for Slaanesh Troops
      • Melee Attack Bonus
      • Ranged Attack Bonus
      • Moral Bonus
  • Chaos Sorcerer on Manticore
    • RARE Rarity
    • Bonus for Undivided Troops
      • Ranged Attack Bonus
      • Moral Bonus
  • Skull Hunter
    • RARE Rarity
    • Bonus for Khorne Troops
      • Melee Attack Bonus
      • Armor Bonus

Those are the strongest options for attacking available right now. Maybe in 6 months that will change but right now, grab one of each of those if you can, level them up, upgrade them to Tier 5, and send them on the attack when you attack with those types of troops.

DO NOT send a freaking Skull Hunter, bonus to Khorne, when you attack with Nurgle troops. Send the Warlord that gives boosts to the troops you are using, and send one of these 3 if you are attacking with Slaanesh, Undivided, or Khorne.

The game developers have already added Warlords, with another coming in a few weeks, so take this post with a grain of salt if you’re reading it a year after I posted it. I will do my best to update as better warlords come out, but incase I get hit by lightning and that doesn’t happen, use this post to help determine the good and bad traits.

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