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Warhammer C&C - Base Building and Alliances

Which Armies Drop BUILDING COMPONENTS in Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest

Which Armies Drop BUILDING COMPONENTS in Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest

What’s going on ladies and gentlement, Randy here with another quick guide for Warhammer chaos and conquest. Today we will briefly cover how to get Building components, and which armies drop what types.

If you have gotten to Keep level 16 already, you have probably noticed that many of your buildings now require a number of building components in order to start an upgrade. If you don’t have these components you can purchase them with Warpstones for 20 Warpstones each in the shop.

20 Warpstones each is do-able if you are 5-10 components short, but you don’t want to be buying the 150 of the Captured Plans component to upgrade your War Council to level 19. Well, maybe you have money and you’re okay spending $15 to upgrade 1 single building, but not me.

There are 2 other ways to gain Building Components in this game:

  1. Your alliance Spoils will dish out a good number of component rewards, so stay active and kill Foes to gain Vanquish Spoils
  2. ATTACK ARMIES! In Game Armies (CPU not Players) will drop Building Components! If you are not sure which

The other great thing about killing Armies is they drop WARLORD FRAGMENTS which are key to leveling up those bad boys and girls.

Check out this Chart to see who drops what, and what region they reside in!

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